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Posted on: March 12, 2014

My "web team" has asked that I remind everyone that they should like my law firm on Facebook or add me personally as a friend on Faceboook ( personally. To like the firm go to

In addition, please see our new website at This web site was created by Einstein Legal and we are quite proud of it. Einstein is also big into website/social media synergy, which I am pretty sure is a made up term.

Also, now that SXSW is hitting its peak, I felt that it was important to remind everyone that every year during SXSW my firm always makes the offer to pick people up, free of charge, who are having difficulty finding a cab ride home. We do not charge or accept tips. We only do it for our Facebook friends. We only do it to keep people alive. Nothing more complicated than that. If you get in a bind and can't find a cab, you can call The Law Offices of Jason Trumpler, P.C. at the office at 512-457-5200 and we will pick you up. Otherwise, you will end up calling us from the jail and unfortunately we do charge for that. So please program 512-457-5200 in your phone. You will never know when you need it. The life you save may be your own.

Plus, who doesn't want to ride in the Super Sweet Crimson Mini-Van of Justice. One way or another we will find you a sober ride. Just make sure you are either my Facebook friend or the firm's Facebook friend so the drivers feel a little bit safer picking folks up. (This year we have gotten additional volunteers to help me out in case I am stuck at the jail doing a release). You can also call Austin Yellow Cab (512) 452-9999. Austin Cab Company (512) 478-2222. Austin does not allow compensation for companies like Uber. WE DO NOT, CANNOT, AND WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY COMPENSATION. Please pass this along to your friends.




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