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Fees start at just $150 for Cedar Park Traffic Ticket Attorney Jason Trumpler to assist you in Cedar Park Municipal Court with most traffic violations. The fees for serious moving violations and Class C Misdemeanors run more. Cedar Park Traffic Ticket Lawyer Jason Trumpler handles matters from driving without insurance, to speeding, to stop sign violations, to failure to yield, to more serious matters like DUI, and Class C Misdemeanors like public intoxication,assault, disorderly conduct, minor in possession of alcohol, possession of paraphernalia, and more.

Some examples of cases we handle in Cedar Park Municipal Court are:

Speeding Tickets ($250)

Class C DUI (Driving Under the Influence) (From $750)

Red Light Violations ($250)

Stop Sign Violations ($250)

Failure to Yield ($250)

Driving without Insurance ($250)

Driving with an Invalid or Suspended License ($250) $1,000 including preparation of Occupational

All Moving Violations ($250)

Public Intoxication (Call for Consultation)

Minor in Possession of Alcohol (Call for Consultation)

Minor in Consumption of Alcohol (Call for Consultation)

Disorderly Conduct (Call for Consultation)

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Call for Consultation)

Assault (Call for Consultation)

Theft (Call for Consultation)

Penalties for a guilty plea or conviction of any of these offenses can result in large fines, points against your license, license suspensions, and surcharges.

Save Time, Money, and Points.

Most moving violations result in the imposition of points against your driving record and surcharges. If you plead guilty or “no contest”, you will be assessed these points which can result in the loss of your license and surcharges. Cedar Park Ticket Lawyer Jason Trumpler will aggressively represent you to reduce points by either winning your ticket or getting it deferred to avoid the assessment of points and surcharges and the potential loss of your driving privilege.

Even if you do not face the loss of your driving privilege, insurance companies are allowed to increase your premiums as the result of a conviction. As such, just one traffic conviction can cost you thousands of dollars in additional insurance premiums over a period of a couple of years.