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Assault in the State of Texas is defined as intentionally or recklessly causing or threatening bodily injury, or intentionally causing physical contact that the other person might reasonably find offensive. Assault is typically prosecuted as a Class A Misdemeanor. However, the courts treat violence among family members and couples more seriously. If the victim alleges that the assault involved strangulation or a blockage of the airways or blood flow, and the victim is a family member or an intimate partner, you can be charged with a 3rd Degree Felony. Convicted felons often face lifelong complications, including potential difficulty finding housing and employment. Many landlords do not want to rent to a convicted felon, and many employers deem it too high of a risk to employ a convicted felon.

If you have been accused of assault family violence with strangulation, strong, competent legal representation can greatly increase your chances of getting your charges reduced or dismissed.  Austin Assault Defense Attorney Jason Trumpler is an aggressive criminal defense attorney with close to 20 years of experience. He has handled thousands of criminal cases as both a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney and achieved spectacular results at both the pretrial and jury trial phase. Call our office today at (512) 359-3300.

Potential Consequences

The Texas Penal Code defines strangulation as “impeding the normal breathing or circulation of the blood” by “applying pressure to the throat or neck or by block the nose or mouth.” Prosecutors treat strangulation particularly seriously because it can have devastating effects. It takes little effort to strangle someone, and some statistics purport that strangulation victims are 7x more likely to become victims of homicide.

Assault by Strangulation with a family violence allegation is a 3rd Degree Felony. If you are convicted of a3rd Degree Felony, potential consequences may include:

• Imprisonment in a state prison for 2 – 10-years.

• A fine of up to $10,000

In addition to prison time and fines, you may also be barred from holding federal office/holding some federal licenses, voting, serving in the armed forced, owning a firearm, and more.

In order to be convicted of assault causes bodily injury with family violence with strangulation, the prosecutor must provide that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Attorney Jason Trumpler can aggressively review your evidence to determine what the best approach is when negotiating your case or taking your case to trial before a jury. Many times these charges are unfounded. You do not have to plead guilty!

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Austin Criminal Defense Attorney Jason Trumpler has been practicing criminal law for close to 20-years. He currently practices in Central Texas counties including Travis, Williamson, Hays, Lee, Bell, Bastrop, Comal, Burnet, and Caldwell. During his time as a practicing attorney, he has gotten hundreds of cases successful reduced or dismissed. Contact our office today at (512) 359-3300.