Austin Domestic Violence Attorney Jason Trumpler



I am a tireless advocate for those accused of family violence or domestic violence related charges in the State of Texas.  I fully understand and appreciate how serious the problem of family violence can be for victims, families, and those charged with the crime. Family violence leads to countless women, children, and men being severely injured or killed every year after being attacked by someone they love dearly or people with whom they once shared a relationship. While family violence is a serious crime that many times should not go unpunished, these charges are often, unfortunately, fraudulently made or exaggerated.  This frequently occurs in cases where the purported victim is trying to get the upper hand in a custody case or with cases involving immigration.  In addition, sadly, many times the charges are simply overblown.  A couple has a minor dispute, the police get involved, and someone gets arrested.  Often times in a heightened state of emotion folks will say things that are simply not true or greatly embellished out of spite or anger.  Finally, there are times when the State simply pushes a prosecution because there was a family violence allegation made.  

It is important to note that in Texas, domestic violence and family violence are often used interchangeably. The charge in Texas is technically assault causing bodily injury with a family violence finding. A family violence finding is dependent upon the relationship between the defendant and the complaining witness / victim and in most cases, despite the best intentions of the prosecutor, cannot be waved.  It is also crucial to understand that there are a wide variety of ways that a family violence allegation can be alleged and for a myriad of charges. 


If someone is convicted of a crime with a family violence finding, it can greatly affect that individual's ability to gain employment and housing.  Additionally, individuals with family violence findings on their record cannot own or possess firearms.  Finally, along with a litany of other issues, if an individual with a family violence finding gets arrested again for a family violence charge, the case is enhanced to a third degree felony.  A felony enhancement can even occur when an individual has multiple family violence allegations within a single year.  Thus, it is imperative that if you are someone you know is charged with a crime involving a family violence finding that you contact an attorney immediately!


Many people who call us about their domestic or family violence arrest are confused by the charges against them. It is important to remember that domestic violence charges can be made against anybody with whom the victim / complaining witness once had a dating or intimate relationship with or with whom anybody he or she is currently living. It does not have to be a current or former spouse. Ex-boyfriends and girlfriends often get charged with domestic violence offenses ranging from stalking, harassment, terroristic threats, interference with an emergency call, violating emergency protective orders, violating protective orders, and/or violating restraining orders. You can also be charged for family violence against platonic roommates, siblings, and parents.  Finally, you should note that even if the purported victim / complaining witness does not want to pursue charges or wishes to have the charges dropped, the State can, and more often than not, will still proceed with the case.  If you or someone you know has been charged with domestic violence, contact me today at (512) 359-3300, and I will personally help you understand the charges against you, and if retained, make sure you have the most outstanding representation possible.

Again, a full range of offenses can fall under the general category of family or domestic violence, such as:

  • Assault
  • Child abuse
  • Violating a restraining order / emergency protective order
  • Verbal threats / terroristic threats
  • Stalking
  • Kidnapping, false imprisonment
  • Sexual assault
  • Harassment
  • Assault with Strangulation/Impeding Breath/"Choking"

If you have been charged with domestic violence, you may be concerned about finding a criminal defense lawyer who will not judge you. I understand that often times good people find themselves in bad situations, and I will do everything I can to ensure that you get the best representation possible, without judgment, and avoid jail, lengthy probation, and a family violence finding whenever possible.  I am more than equipped to tackle these charges at trial when necessary, and I am a deft negotiator. As a former prosecutor who routinely handled domestic violence cases, I can lay out a strategy for you to achieve the best result possible when negotiating with the prosecutor and if this does not work, I will gladly protect and fight for your rights in front of a jury.


If I had not made this completely clear, family violence or domestic violence charges are extremely serious.  A thorough and complete investigation of the relationship involved and the facts surrounding the case is imperative.  Often times, my investigation reveals that the family violence or domestic abuse charges are made out of fear, revenge, or anger. Many times it reveals that the situation is just a misunderstanding that is completely overblown.  Contact my office today at (512) 359-3300 to schedule a free consultation about you or someone you know's family or domestic violence charges right away. I personally handle all types of family violence, domestic violence, and domestic abuse cases involving family abuse, spousal abuse, and restraining order violations.