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Williamson County Criminal Defense Lawyer Jason Trumpler

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As many of you have heard or know from experience, Williamson County is one of the strictest counties in Texas with respect to enforcing crime. Moreover, Williamson County has a long history of handing down some of the longest sentences in the State of Texas. The county's reputation of being a law and order county has long struck fear in the heart of the average citizen who simply made a bad decision. In addition to being a law and order county, Williamson County has been prone to make mistakes that have caused innocent men and women to face punishment they did not deserve. Moreover, there have been issues of misconduct with the police, prosecutors, and the bench. These mistakes and misconduct have kept Williamson County's arrest and conviction rates high.

With the appointment and election of new judges in recent years along with the election of a new District Attorney and  an influx of new prosecutors, Williamson County is becoming more progressive and reasonable with respect to how it treats good people who have made a bad choice. While progress is being made, make no mistake, Williamson County takes crime and justice very seriously.

While our principal office is in Austin, Texas due to the fact that the majority of business comes from Williamson County, we also have a satellite office located in Round Rock at 1000 Heritage Center Cir, Round Rock, TX 78664.

Types of Charges

In Williamson County, I handle all types of criminal defense cases, from misdemeanors to serious felonies.

I can also help with cleaning up your criminal history by filing a Petition for an Expunction (expungement) or Petition for Non-Disclosure if you are otherwise eligible.

For an immediate free consultation about your criminal case or your DWI, call me, at (512) 359-3300.

When you make the decision to hire any attorney, you need to make sure that you hire someone who regularly practices in the county that has jurisdiction. You need to hire someone who knows the ins and outs of practicing in because it is quite different than practicing anywhere in Texas. Moreover, you need to hire a Williamson County Trial Attorney. When making the decision as to what lawyer you should hire for your Williamson County case, ask the attorney how many cases he or she has personally taken to trial.

Why Should Me Rather Than Someone Else?

I have spent my entire legal career in the trenches litigating cases throughout Texas and California. I handled every type of case from simple traffic tickets to DWI to sexual assault to both non-capital and capital murder. I spent a total of four years with both the Ventura County, California District Attorney's Office and Orange County District Attorney's Office.

I have tried over 100 criminal jury trials as both a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. I fully understand how to successfully try, review, and win cases from both sides of the aisle. My experience as a prosecutor often times proves invaluable in negotiation. I understand the intricacies of working in a large prosecutor's office along with the political realities that deputy/assistant district attorney's face in court. Moreover, while working as a prosecutor, I trained law enforcement officers throughout Southern California on how to investigate certain crimes, write credible, intelligible reports, and testify in court.

Throughout my career, I have represented several high profile clients. In addition, I routinely represent law enforcement officers and fire fighters, along with their family members when they are charged with crimes. In this capacity, I have saved many of these police officers and fire fighter's jobs. Moreover, I am a proud veteran of the United States Army, and I have represented a large number of soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines in both military and civilian criminal proceedings. 

You will be hard pressed to find an attorney more knowledgeable in the defense of cases involving alcohol and driving and cases involving the possession, distribution, and sales of controlled substances. As a proud graduate of the University of Texas at Austin's School of Law, one of the nation's best law schools, and as a published author, I also understands how to deal with the most complex of legal issues. I am licensed to practice in every state and federal court in Texas.

In short, I have handled every type of criminal matter, and I have seen the process from every phase including investigation, pre-file, complaint review, filing, trial, and appeal.

I have a proven track record in Williamson County.  My record of dismissals, reductions, and not guilty verdicts speaks for itself. 

If you need assistance with any type of criminal case, you can contact me anytime at (512) 359-3300.

Cities and Towns Served

I serve the following areas: Austin, Cedar Park, Florence, Georgetown, Granger, Hutto, Jarrell, Leander, Liberty Hill, Norman's Crossing, Round Rock, Taylor, Thorndale, Thrall and Weir, Texas.