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Man with his hands in handcuffsWhen unexpected legal trouble arises, Jason Trumpler and his associates are ready to help. Whether you or your loved one has been accused of driving while intoxicated (DWI), violent crimes, or some other criminal offense, we can assist with jail release in the Austin area. We answer calls 24/7 and are always ready to help you in emergency legal situations.

Posting Bail

When your loved one is arrested, a judge will set the bail needed for his or her release. In theory, this amount should be a reasonable sum intended solely to keep the accused from leaving town and skipping out on a court appearance. However, it is all too common for the bail amount to be excessively high, reaching sums that the average person may not be able to afford. When this happens, Jason Trumpler and his associates are ready to help with posting bail. We provide attorney-assisted personal bail, which means that your loved one promises to obey any conditions set for release and to return for their court date. Once this personal bond is provided, the accused can leave jail without paying any money, though within the next seven days, he must pay $20, or 3% of the bail amount.

In most areas, judges are only available during certain times of the day. In Travis County, officials answer the phones 24/7, meaning there is a good chance that even if your loved one is arrested overnight, bail could be set within a few hours.

The Jail Release Process

When you receive that worried call from jail, you should contact an attorney right away. To keep up with the around-the-clock workings of the magistracy, we also answer our phones 24 hours a day and will begin working on a bail bond the moment we get your call.

For the fastest service, you should have the following information ready when you call us:

  • The name and birthdate of the person under arrest
  • The time of arrest and the jail where he or she is being held
  • The employment and education history of the suspect
  • Your relationship to the suspect
  • The charges
  • The bail amount

If you are unsure of the charges or bail amount, we can find that out for you. Once we receive your call, we will verify that your loved one has been entered into the police system, then we will go to the jail to meet with them and fill out the bond paperwork. Before the process is complete, we will also need to run a background check as a part of pre-trial services, and meet with a judge to obtain release. During this time, we can begin to gather evidence for an effective defense argument for our new client. Be aware that while we work to obtain the fastest release possible, the entire process could take about six hours to complete.

Call Us 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

When your loved one has been incarcerated, hiring an attorney is the quickest and most effective way to obtain jail release. Without the help of an experienced lawyer, the process will take much longer, and hiring a bondsman will cost more in the long run. Contact the Law Offices of Jason Trumpler to obtain legal assistance from an attorney who will treat you and your loved one in a respectful, compassionate manner. 

I am [client's wife's] Mother.....You know how much our family appreciates your superior representation.
I just wanted to personally THANK you for doing an awesome job representing my son!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
I need to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for my family and myself. 
Today I was able to get my license back with all my endorsements.


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