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An ALR Hearing Attorney Can Help You Keep Your License following a DUI Arrest

Many drivers who are arrested for driving while intoxicated do not realize that their arrest opens both a civil and a criminal case. The civil proceeding against your driving privileges is called an administrative license revocation, or ALR. If you choose to request an ALR hearing, a lawyer can guide you through the proceedings and can help you keep your license. ALR hearing attorney Jason Trumpler in Austin, TX, has helped many clients through this trying process, and he is prepared to do the same for you. You can call our office 24 hours a day at (512) 457-5200, or contact us online

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Following a DUI arrest, an ALR hearing attorney can help you keep your license.

An ALR Hearing Can Delay License Suspension 

When a law enforcement officer believes you are impaired, he or she can administer field sobriety tests. If you refuse to perform the sobriety tests or perform poorly, your license will be revoked and you will receive a temporary driving permit. This permit expires 41 days after it is issued, but a request for an ALR hearing to challenge the proposed license suspension can delay any sanctions until the hearing takes place. 

Jason Trumpler has helped many clients achieve successful outcomes following DUI arrests and ALR hearings, and he can protect your rights as you navigate this very difficult experience.

How to File a Hearing Request 

An ALR is automatic unless you submit a written hearing request to challenge the suspension within 15 days of receiving notice of suspension from the arresting agency. This document is generally received on the day of arrest. If a hearing is not requested in a timely manner, the suspension will automatically begin on the 41st day after notice was received. If you request a hearing, no suspension can occur until after the hearing. Even if the hearing occurs more than 40 days after the DUI arrest, no action regarding suspension can happen until the hearing has concluded.

The ALR Hearing

Once a driver or their attorney has made a timely request for an ALR hearing, no suspension may be imposed against the driver. During an ALR hearing, the Department of Public Safety is required to present evidence that supports their charges against the driver. The safety officer must be able to prove that there was reasonable suspicion that the driver was intoxicated while he or she was arrested. The officer must also present documentation that proves that the driver refused or failed their blood or breath tests. 

After hearing both your account and the police officer's account, a judge will decide whether to suspend your license. Even if a judge decides to suspend your license, proceeding with an ALR hearing can help you and your attorney build your defense for your DWI case. 

Why Hire an ALR Lawyer?

During your ALR hearing, a lawyer can cross-examine the police officer who performed the arrest to learn more about your case. In addition, a lawyer can help you correctly and efficiently file the necessary documentation and avoid becoming ineligible for a hearing. Your chances of keeping your license are greater if you request an ALR hearing than if you allow suspension to carry out without intervening. Jason Trumpler has helped many clients achieve successful outcomes following DUI arrests and ALR hearings, and he can protect your rights as you navigate this very difficult experience.

Schedule a Case Review 

If you were recently arrested for driving while intoxicated, hiring a lawyer to represent you during an ALR hearing can help reduce your risk of a suspended license. To schedule a complimentary case review, call our offices at (512) 457-5200 or contact us online for more information. 

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