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Jason Trumpler is a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor who can keep you from suffering a punishment you don't deserve.

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Assault charges can carry heavy penalties, including jail time and steep fines. Attorney Jason Trumpler is here to fight for your rights and prevent a miscarriage of justice. You are innocent until proven guilty, but avoiding penalties you don't deserve is a complex process requiring a criminal defense lawyer with a track record of success.

As an attorney who has worked as both a prosecutor and a criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Trumpler is uniquely qualified to make sure the truth prevails in your criminal case.

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Case Dissmissed! Jason is straight forward and honest. I am beyond grateful. Jason and his team (Tony Sun in particular) exceeded expectations. Put your future in hands you can trust, go with Jason Trumpler.

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Jason did not make any false promises or sugar coat anything; something that I found to be rare when looking for an attorney. He got the job done quicker than expected with a reasonable price.

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Don't Start Talking Until You Have a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested on charges of assault, you may feel confident that the charges are either unwarranted or based on distorted or false information. Even so, it is important to remain silent until you have secured the representation of an attorney.

Jason Trumpler, a criminal defense attorney with offices in Austin and Round Rock serving communities throughout Williamson County, is here to help you. In the heat of the moment, it is all too easy to make statements that could be misconstrued or otherwise prove harmful to your case.

With an attorney like Jason Trumpler in your corner, you can be sure to provide only measured statements that present your side of the story in service of the truth and your best interests.

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Why You Need Jason Trumpler

If you are facing criminal charges and need a criminal defense lawyer in the Round Rock area, you will have no difficulty finding legal representation. However, finding an attorney with comprehensive legal experience who will devote the necessary amount of time, attention, and other resources to your criminal case isn't as simple.

People throughout Round Rock and Williamson County who have found themselves accused of criminal conduct trust the law firm of Jason Trumpler because:

Jason Trumpler

He Has Practiced
Over 20 Years

Since his career began in 2019, Jason Trumpler has worked as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney. He understands that many prosecutors' definition of victory doesn't always mean exposing the truth; rather, it's a matter of getting a conviction at any cost.

Mr. Trumpler knows how to counter these efforts in order to achieve justice on behalf of his clients.

He Is at
Your Service

Mr. Trumpler's office is reachable 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That means every time you call his office, you will speak to a human being.

And if he takes your case, you can expect constant communication that keeps you informed of the progress of your case and the next steps in your pursuit of justice.

His Rates
Are Affordable

Mr. Trumpler's clients can expect to pay $3,000 to $10,000 in attorney's fees, which is extremely reasonable compared to the rates other Austin-area firms charge.

However, be aware that cases involving serious felony charges can incur greater fees. Your freedom is priceless; fortunately, protecting that freedom doesn't have to leave you financially devastated once the case closes. 

Don't Take Chances With Your Future

An assault conviction can disrupt your life in ways that you may never overcome. Even a relatively short jail sentence can force you to carry a stigma for the rest of your life that will affect your employment prospects, personal relationships, and more.

Public defenders are notoriously overworked and won't likely have the resources to give your case the attention it needs. Meanwhile, Williamson County is no stranger to wrongful prosecution and conviction. Even under the leadership of a district attorney who has been outspoken about failures in the criminal justice system, you must understand that imperfections and prejudice permeate the court and could easily cause you to suffer consequences you don't deserve.

Jason Trumpler is an Austin-based attorney serving Round Rock and Williamson County who can give your case the scrutiny it needs in order to make sure you don't become a victim of injustice. All police reports, official statements, medical records, and other evidence will be analyzed by your criminal defense lawyer and his team for inconsistencies, misconduct, and other flaws that could make the difference between incarceration and freedom.

Mr. Trumpler has helped many defendants to achieve reduced or dropped assault charges; he can do the same for you. It all starts with a free case review. If you need a lawyer, you can send us a message or call us any time of day or night:

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"My case got dismissed."

"I highly recommend Jason Trumpler if you need a great attorney and find yourself in a situation beyond your control. He kept me informed and worked very hard on my case and got it dismissed." Gustavus Chisholm, 5-Star Review, 2021

Assault Penalties

In Texas, assault is defined as intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causing bodily injury to another person, threatening bodily injury, or causing physical contact that the perpetrator knows will be perceived as provocative or offensive.

An assault may be considered either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the nature and severity of the alleged crime. Here is a closer look at these two classifications and the penalties they carry in Texas:

Misdemeanor Assault

  • Class A Misdemeanor Assault: Class A involves physical injury. It can carry up to one year in prison and a maximum fine of $4,000.
  • Class B Misdemeanor Assault: This rare classification pertains to the assault of an athlete or coach by a spectator. Class B misdemeanor assault can carry maximum penalties of six months in jail and a fine of up to $2,000.
  • Class C Misdemeanor Assault: Assault involving offensive physical contact or the threat of injury (but not actually resulting in serious physical injury) is considered a Class C misdemeanor. Defendants face a maximum penalty of a $500 fine.

Felony Assault

  • First-Degree Felony Assault: A first-degree felony assault is characterized by aggravated assault (meaning it caused serious harm or involved a deadly weapon). It can carry a life sentence.
  • Second-Degree Felony Assault: Assault of a police officer, court judge, family member, or domestic partner is classified as a second-degree felony. This crime can carry a punishment of up to 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.
  • Third-Degree Felony Assault: This pertains to the assault of a government official, public servant, security officer, emergency medical technician, or pregnant person. It carries up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Mr. Trumpler's criminal defense services can result in dropped or reduced assault charges.

What If I Was Acting In Self-Defense?

Self-defense is the cornerstone of many criminal defense strategies in assault cases. Defendants can also claim to have been protecting others or their own property. However, no matter how clear-cut you may believe the circumstances of the incident are, Texas requires that you prove that you used the minimum amount of force possible in order to protect yourself or others.

You must also prove that there was physical violence or, at the very least, a threat of physical violence against you. In other words, if it can be demonstrated that the other party posed no threat or that you used excessive force, you may still face criminal penalties.

If you were acting in self-defense, criminal defense attorney Jason Trumpler can compile evidence to demonstrate to the courts that you were justified in taking action against the other party and that the amount of force used was reasonable for the purposes of protecting yourself and others.


DWI and Assault


If you are charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) and injuring someone with your vehicle, it is considered intoxicated assault, which is a third-degree felony. Attorney Jason Trumpler, serving Greater Round Rock, Texas, has tried more than 100 DWI cases in Texas and California, helping many defendants to avoid suffering unjust penalties.

Although intoxicated assault is a serious crime deserving harsh punishment, the truth is that there are many flaws in law enforcement's methods of determining whether a driver is truly intoxicated. Mr. Trumpler is here to provide criminal defense services to clients throughout the Round Rock area, helping them to avoid bearing the consequences of faulty police work and other injustice.

Courtroom Victories For Clients Charged with Assault

Right now, it may seem like you don't stand a chance against the charges you face. Fortunately, attorney Jason Trumpler has proven time and again that he is capable of bringing the truth to light no matter how damning the allegations may appear. These are just a few instances in which clients facing seemingly insurmountable odds have achieved justice thanks to Mr. Trumpler's dedicated criminal defense services:

Not Guilty

A client who fired a firearm at his child was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and obstruction of justice. Throughout the course of a three-day trial, Mr. Trumpler was able to convince an enlisted panel that the facts were not as simple as they appeared. Ultimately, they returned a verdict of not guilty.


A client charged with assault family violence enlisted the help of Jason Trumpler, who was able to have the charges dismissed with an affidavit of non-prosecution and eight hours of community service.

From a Felony to a Misdemeanor

Jason Trumpler's client was facing charges of felony assault family violence. The courts ultimately dismissed the felony charge, and the client pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges.

If you are facing criminal charges in or near Round Rock, Texas, call Jason Trumpler's law firm now: (512) 457-5200.

"Trumpler got me dismissed."

"Trumpler got me dismissed from a family violence case. His charges are the cheapest among all the lawyers we have called in Austin and he knows about his job the best! Trumpler knows how to communicate with the prosecutors very well!" XIAO AN, 5-Star Review, 2022
Jason Trumpler

The Law Offices of Jason Trumpler

Jason Trumpler has handled thousands of criminal cases over nearly 20 years. He is a current or past member of several national, state, and local legal associations, including:

  • American Bar Association
  • Austin Bar Association
  • Williamson County Bar Association
  • National College for DUI Defense®
  • Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers' Association
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • DUI Defense Lawyers Association

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