Story from a Night in Travis County Jail

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Posted on: February 10, 2014
I was pulled over for an expired inspection sticker at 10 am. I had my two kids in the car. I knew that I was on probation and that that may possible show on my record when they pulled it. I did not know at the time that I had a separate warrant out. After the cop ran my license, she came back to inform me that there was a warrant and she would need me to get out of the car. I was naturally confused. I had my two kids in the car.
After about 10 minutes it was declared that I would need to go down to the Travis County Jail. The cop was very understanding and allowed me to call for help with my children. I was able to get someone to pick them up. The cop waited until the kids were out of site to search me and put handcuffs on me. I was then places into the back of the cop car. The handcuffs really dig into your wrists.
We arrived at Travis County jail. I was asked to sit and wait in the first holding area. After my arresting cop filled out some paperwork a guard called my name and i stood at a tall desk where they placed my jewelry and other belongings into a yellow bag. They removed the handcuffs. They let me get a couple numbers off my cell phone to use later in the next area. I chose my lawyers number, my boyfriends and my moms. They then powered off my cell phone and I put on a black and grey striped scrubs outfit over my clothing. Thankfully I was wearing socks as I had to put on the nastiest looking sandals to walk around in.
I was then told to sit in the womens only area, and wait. Hours passed. It is freezing inside there. I heard they keep it freezing to keep the germs from mulitplying.. It was now one pm on a Sunday afternoon. They had fed the women bread with bologna and a cheese slice and an orange at 10:30ish. I had missed any food, and had not eaten yet. I was cold and hungry. Itfeels like a time warp in there. 
Monday was a holiday and this means that everything will take longer inside the jail. THey were understaffed and the people that were there had no motivation to speed up the process. The cells were full as well and they were moving people in the cells to Del Valle. By 5pm I was interviewd and finger printed, mug shot taken. I would say asking for a personal bond would be the way to go. Also- do not delcare any emotional or mental problems. This will delay all processes and even add time to your "stay." 
Around 6pm we were given a brown sack dinner. It was the two slices of bread, a peice of slimy bologna, cheese slice and an orange. I am vegan. this meal sucked.
Then 4 of us were rolled called and we lined up to go to the next section. We were no longer allowed collect phone calls or any communication. We sat in the next area where we were informed that we would need to remove the rest of our undergarment in a small stinky closet. Some of the spaces had feces on the ground. IT was disgusting. The gaurd said that seom people think they are getting back at the SYStem by shitting on the ground, but really it just made it worse for the rest of us.
During this time, aunt flow came. Lucky me. I askedfor a snaitary napkin and they "forgot" for about 6 hours. So now, the females, 2 out of four needed sanitary napkins. All four of us were denied the standard issued hospital grade granny panties. Bare skin to nasty scrubs. Ugh.
We then were handcuffed to another person and walked two by two to an elevator. We were searched again. 
We rode an elevator up some floors and found ourselves in the cell area. THe gaurd here was less than happy to be working with us. Another woman was being rushed to the hospital for trying to take her EYEBALL out of her head. Then we were given a cell number and had to wait till each person was inside their cell before the next could move. The cells are quiet. One woman screamed for atleast three hours straight. IT was colder here than downstairs. THe next brown bag came through the slot in the door. You can not tell what time it is. IT is lonely. 
You get really inside your head it fucks with you. I was only there for a total of 31 hours. But it felt longer because you can not tell if its dark or light. My group was called to see the judge around4am in the morning. Some people raised hell here and you could tell that was buying them more time. I would say to stay as quiet as possible, sit up straight and answer with as little as possible. 
Back to the cells. 
Then randomly without any warning, my name was called. You have to speak to one more person before you go back into the stink closet to change into your own clothing. Then you go thru two doors and you are outside, free. 
If you go to jail. Be quiet. Don't ask too many questions. Be nice. Don't make friends. Use all the manners you can muster. I'm not sure if this helps, but I know taking the crazy route definetly does not. 


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