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Posted on: June 4, 2014

As many of you know, the X Games are hitting Austin this weekend in a big way with some events being hosted as early as tonight.  This means that the Austin Police Department, along with a host of other local agencies, will be out in full force arresting people suspected of driving while intoxicated.  Most folks arrested for DWI in Austin are pulled over for some minor infraction that eventually becomes a DWI investigation.  Many clients do not understand this concept, but it is important to understand.

The most common reason for a stop in a driving while intoxicated case is good old fashioned speeding.  Another big reason for DWI arrests in Texas is failure to signal 120 feet before you change lanes or make a turn.  A common misconception is there is an exception for being in a turn only lane.  There are a myriad of other  transportation code sections for which an officer can pull you over.  In addition, an officer, at times, can simply make consensual contact.  

Simply put, if you have any amount of alcohol and you are driving, you will likely get arrested this is because reaching the probable cause standard on an Austin DWI case is not a difficult thing to do.  Officers key in on things like an odor of an alcoholic beverage, and slurred speech (whether present or not), and red and watery eyes (whether present or not).  The officer then runs you through a set of field sobriety tests (FSTs).  You are not required to do these tests and in fact should refuse them, but that is for another blog.  Even if you do refuse the FSTs, an officer can establish probable cause for arrest merely on his observations and his word.  If you do the field sobriety tests, you may look great on the video, but the officer is looking for minutia that often is not visible on the video.  Moreover, most officers don't video the HGN test, which you have no control over anyway so they can rely on that for purposes of probable cause.  The fact that you look great on the video does not mean the officer did not have probable cause to arrest.  

This will no doubt be another no refusal weekend.  As the Law Offices of Jason Trumpler, P.C. has done in the past, we are offering FREE safe, sober rides for folks this weekend.  We will pick you up before you make the decision to drive.  There are no fees, no fares, no tips, no gas money, no costs, no bail, and most importantly NO ONE DIES.  YOU CAN REACH US ALL WEEKEND AT 512-457-5200 (FOLLOW PROMPTS) - 512-551-8078 (JAIL RELEASE HOTLINE) - OR TEXT OR CALL 714-403-9120.

Ideally, however, you have a plan before you go to events.  It has been proven that the designated driver, despite all of the hoopla, rarely works.  The designated driver often joins in the festivities creating further problems.  You should think about the limousine option.  I know this sounds expensive and like a joke, but compared to the fees associated with a DWI, it is actually way cheaper.  Also, take a look at public transportation that may be available to and from festivities, think about Uber and other internet companies that are sort of operating in the shadows in Austin right now because of licensing issues, take a look at hotels and motels near the festivities, and obviously take a look at cabs though they are very hard to get on festival weekends.  Keep all of these numbers and apps programmed in your phone that you are ready to start trying your options when you are ready to go home rather than scrambling for them at the end of the night.

On the flip side of the coin, we are available for jail release in Travis County every night.  You can call 512-551-8078 or  512-457-5200 (FOLLOW PROMPTS).  Any fees collected from jail releases will be applied to your overall legal fees.  


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