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How a DWI Can Affect Your Employment By Jason Trumpler, P.C. on May 19, 2015

A man undergoing a field sobriety testAt the Law Offices of Jason Trumpler, we have helped countless people in and around Austin receive a fair shake from the law. Following a drunk driving arrest, we offer expert DWI defense aimed at dropping charges and reducing penalties. If a drunk driving charge does wind up on your record, it can have a major impact on the course of your life. Let's look at how a drunk driving arrest can lead to problems with your current job and your employment prospects in the future.

Driver's License Suspension Can Make Commute Difficult

After a DWI arrest, you will face license suspension for up to 2 years. Your suspension may be reduced if you do community service, but this can make your commute far more difficult and inconvenient. Mass transit or rides from co-workers or loved ones may be necessary for some time simply to make it to your job. It's also likely that your car insurance will go up as a result of your DWI or DUI charge.

You May Be Fired for DWI Depending on the Nature of Your Job

If your position in the company is to be a public face for the business, or if your company puts a lot of stock in the personal reputation of its employees, it is possible that you will be terminated following a DWI.

Commercial Driving Jobs Are Unlikely Following DWI or DUI Charge

If you are a commercial driver or work as a driver professionally, your career may be effectively over after a DWI or even a DUI conviction. These charges will remain on your record for many years, making it very difficult to find employment in this line of work in the future.

Future Employers May Find Arrest During Background Check

When you're applying for a new job, your potential employer will often run a background check on you as they determine your candidacy for a position. Some employers may choose to pass on a potential new hire as a result of a DWI charge and other matters on their criminal record.

Advanced Education to Improve Career Prospects May Also Be Affected

Going to school to further your education and advance your career is common, but DWI and DUI arrests can make these much more difficult matters. Sometimes being admitted into a learning institution may difficult because of your criminal record, and your eligibility for financial aid may also be impacted by a DWI charge.

Get Assistance from a Skilled DWI / DUI Attorney

There are plenty of obstacles ahead for a DWI or DUI arrest, as you can see, which is why it's so important that you speak with a skilled defense attorney about your case. A lawyer will help try to drop charges or reduce penalties that you face, and will also provide expert counsel on how to proceed with your career goals and other matters. This guidance is invaluable for you and your future.

Learn More About Your Legal Options After a DWI Charge

If you would like more information about your legal options following a drunk driving arrest, it's of the utmost importance that you contact a skilled DWI and DUI defense attorney today. We at the Law Offices of Jason Trumpler will work with you to ensure the system is fair and that your legal rights are not trampled upon.

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