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Travis County Jail Release and Travis County Bail By Jason Trumpler, P.C. on September 06, 2017

t Travis County Jail Release Lawyer and Travis County Bail Bond Information

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There are a variety of ways to get someone released from the Travis County Jail after arrest in Austin or Travis County. The most straightforward, quickest, and most cost-effective approach is to hire an attorney to prepare an attorney-assisted personal bond. To explain the benefits of an "attorney-assisted personal bond," it is essential to understand the basic types of bonds or releases in Travis County.

There are three types of bail bonds in Travis County to get someone released. They are cash bonds, surety bonds, and personal bonds. Simply put, the "attorney-assisted personal bond" is a faster way to get a "personal bond" or a way to one when someone a "personal bond" who might not otherwise qualify for a "personal bond" on their own.

What is a cash bond?

A cash bond is the exact amount of money the defendant must pay before being released from jail. You must pay the full amount of the bond.

How can I pay a cash bond?

If the charge is from Travis County, you can pay by:
Cash (exact amount). Be sure to bring the exact amount as the Sheriff's Office cannot give change.
Money order or cashiers check made out to the Travis County Sheriffs Office.
If the charge is from another county, you can pay by:
Money order or cashiers check in the exact amount. Do not make the money order out to anyone until told to do so by the Sheriff's Office.

Where do I pay a cash bond?

Bring your payment to:
The Travis County jail at 509 W. 11th St, Austin, TX or
The Travis County Correctional Complex (Del Valle Jail) at 3614 Bill Price Road, Del Valle, TX

When can I get a cash bond back?

The money is returned to the defendant after the court case is completely over, and the judge orders the money returned. You will not receive a refund for bonds paid for delinquent child support.

I paid a cash bond for someone else. How can I get my money back?

The money paid for a cash bond is returned only to the defendant (except in cases of delinquent child support bonds), regardless of who paid the bond.

What is a surety bond?

A surety bond is a bond posted by a bondsman.

How do I post a surety bond?

Contact a bail bond agent. The bondsman will charge a fee for this service, usually between 10% and 20% of the bond.

If you hire our firm to assist with obtaining a personal bond rather than using a guarantor for a surety bond, we will credit the entire amount of the fee you pay for the release to your overall legal representation. The bondsman will keep whatever premium you pay them, and he or she will have completed all of their work on your case.

What is a personal bond?

A Personal Bond is a sworn agreement by the defendant that he/she will return to court as ordered and will comply with conditions placed on his/her release. You will not be required to pay anything other than a small administrative fee to Pretrial Services within seven days of release. Often an attorney is necessary to assist with obtaining a personal bond. A subject who might not otherwise qualify can many times qualify if they hire an attorney to represent them in their case and assist with the release process. Moreover, if no one is available from Travis County Pre-Trial Services to interview a pre-trial bond, an attorney can start that process. Also, only an attorney can waive magistration to expedite the defendant's release further.

How can I post a personal bond?

Individual defendants cannot post a personal bond on their own. Only Pretrial Services or an attorney may submit a request for release on a personal bond to a judge. Only a judge can approve release on a personal bond. Travis County Pretrial Services interviews the majority of defendants booked on Travis County charges and considers them for release on personal bond. An attorney can also interview defendants booked in Travis County, but only pre-trial can recommend a release. Again, having an attorney can expedite the process dramatically and increase the chances the judge will grant a personal bond. If you wish to inquire about the status of a defendant's personal bond application, you should contact Travis County Pretrial Services at 512- 854-9381.

Why Hire a Lawyer to Assist with a Personal Bond?

Aside from an attorney's ability to often dramatically expedite the release process, if you hire a lawyer for a jail release, there will be one less person you will have to tell the traumatic events of your arrest. By having a lawyer involved at the outset, hiring an attorney will no longer be on your to-do list. Having an attorney involved at the start will also help you avoid pitfalls such as violating conditions or your bond or a possible protective order. Moreover, if we can get your case resolved pre-trial or even pre-indictment, you will save money on attorney's fees.

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