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Posted on: February 15, 2018

Georgetown Criminal Defense Lawyer Jason Trumpler

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The Williamson County Courthouse is located at:
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Dealing with Georgetown criminal charges is a frightening experience, particularly when you are dealing with those charges in a county as aggressive as Williamson County. The legal system is complex and confusing enough on its own, without the peculiarities associated with handling a case in Williamson County.  This being the case, one should never face Georgetown criminal charges without a Georgetown Criminal Defense Attorney to protect his or her rights.
As mentioned above, the procedures in Williamson County differ substantially then the procedures in other Texas counties. This means it is imperative that you retain someone that is intimately familiar with the differing approach prosecutors and judges take in Georgetown.  The Law Offices of Jason Trumpler is a knowledgeable and aggressive Georgetown criminal defense firm.  Mr. Trumpler carefully and thoroughly reviews each case.  Mr. Trumpler then prepares each case as if it is going to trial no matter how serious the charges. In Georgetown, we handle everything from misdemeanors to serious felonies, including but not limited to:
Driving while license invalid/suspended (DWLI)
Possession of marijuana 
Assault causes bodily injury
Assault causes bodily injury family violence
Assault with a deadly weapon
Violation of a protective order
Unlawful restraint
Credit card abuse
Possession of a controlled substance
Possession of a dangerous drug
Possession of cocaine
Possession of methamphetamine 
Possession of heroin
Burglary of a habitation
Burglary of a building
Burglary of a vehicle
Criminal trespass
Unlawful carrying of a weapon
Evading arrest or detention
We can also assist you with cleaning up your criminal record by filing Petitions for Expunction or Petitions for Non-Disclosure, if you are otherwise eligible. 
Since Mr. Trumpler prepares every case as if it is going to trial, it often results in discovering strong defenses that can be used in negotiation or trial. In addition, Mr. Trumpler knows the ins and outs of search and seizure and often finds ways to suppress evidence that other Georgetown Criminal Defense Attorneys may have missed.  
Mr. Trumpler knows when a case requires an aggressive approach and when a case requires more finesse.  Mr. Trumpler takes pride in his reputation as hard-hitting and skilled criminal lawyer. This reputation has been earned through years of defending and trying difficult cases in Georgetown.
At the Law Offices of Jason Trumpler every case is handled by and personally reviewed by Mr. Trumpler.  In addition, if necessary, Mr. Trumpler will personally take your case to trial.  All said and told, Mr. Trumpler has taken over 100 cases to verdict in front of a jury.
Mr. Trumpler, as a former prosecutor, has the experience to understand what it is like to wear both hats in the criminal process. When he reviews and prepares a case, he does so from both perspectives so that he has firm understanding of what the prosecution will present, if and when, the case goes to trial. This experience has enabled him to achieve outstanding results in Georgetown. You will always be "in the loop" when you are represented by Jason Trumpler whether it is through our automated e-mail system, a personal e-mail, a letter, text, or a phone call.  We have a policy at our firm of treating each client, whether retained or appointed, as if he or she is part of our family. We do our best to return all client communications within 24 hours. 
When you have been arrested and charged with a crime, whether a first DWI offense or a serious felony charge, it is imperative that you exercise your right to remain silent.  This means you should not speak to anyone from law enforcement, or anyone at all for that matter, until you have had an opportunity to speak to an attorney.  An attorney will advise you of your rights and how to proceed in answering questions by law enforcement.  You should contact the Law Offices of Jason Trumpler at 512-457-5200 IMMEDIATELY upon arrest, detention, or an officer's request to question you in relation to a crime.  Remember, we handle cases in Georgetown courts on an almost daily basis.


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