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Austin Robbery Attorney | Robbery Lawyer Jason Trumpler By Jason Trumpler, P.C. on March 17, 2018

Austin Robbery Lawyer Jason Trumpler

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In the State of Texas, robbery and aggravated robbery are serious crimes that may carry stiff penalties such as fines, jail time, and lengthy prison sentences.  Robbery is treated much more seriously than crimes such as petty theft – even first time offenders often are sentenced to more than 10-years in prison. Plea deals and probation are difficult to come by.
If you have been accused of the crime of robbery in the State of Texas, it is extremely important that you hire a lawyer who will help increase your chance of getting the charges reduced or dismissed. Jason Trumpler is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has successfully defended hundreds of individuals from being convicted of crimes such as robbery. He can negotiate your case with the prosecution and when necessary take your case to trial before a jury.  He has handled close to 100 jury trials.  Contact our office today at (512) 457-5200.
Potential Robbery Consequences
Robbery is treated more harshly than theft, because robbery is an inherently violent crime. Theft is the taking of goods or services from a person or business with no intent of paying for them. An example of theft would be shoplifting clothes or electronics from a department store. Robbery is intentionally or recklessly stealing from a person or business where someone is either injured, or someone feels like they were at danger of being injured. An example of robbery would be stealing items from a department store while using a weapon.
Because there is a more violent implication in robberies than in petty thefts, the penalties for robbery are steeper.
Robbery is classified into two categories:
Robbery: You may be accused of robbery if while committing a theft you intentionally or recklessly either harm another individual, or cause them to fear that you would harm them. Robbery is a second degree felony, and if convicted you may spend anywhere from 2 – 20-years in prison and be required to pay a fine up to $10,000.
Aggravated Robbery: You may be accused of aggravated robbery if while committing a theft you seriously injure someone, use or brandish a weapon, or if you are robbing a disabled or elderly person. Aggravated robbery is first degree felony, and if convicted you may spend up to 99-years in prison and be required to pay a fine up to $10,000.
Apart from prison time and steep fines, a violent conviction on your record makes it much more difficult to find housing, employment, and can also complicate relationships with loved ones.
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If you have been accused of either robbery or aggravated robbery in the State of Texas, our office can help. We will look for holes in the prosecution and work to negotiate you the best deal possible or try your case to a jury when necessary. Jason Trumpler has over 15-years experience negotiating and trying difficult criminal cases as both a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney.  He has tried close to 100 jury trials.  He currently practices in Central Texas in Travis, Williams, Hays, Caldwell, Bastrop, Burnet, Lee, Comal, and Bell counties. Contact our office today at 512-457-5200.



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