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San Marcos Theft Lawyer Jason Trumpler - Theft Crime Attorney By Jason Trumpler, P.C. on April 02, 2020


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Statistically, theft is the most prosecuted crime in Texas state court.

From a client's perspective, a theft conviction based on a high dollar amount taken, either in property or cash, can lead to a lengthy prison sentence, because the value or the cash equivalent of the property increases the punishment level of the theft. Moreover, any theft conviction can make someone unemployable. Employers consider theft to be a "crime of moral turpitude." Meaning, it is the type of crime that shows that you are inherently untrustworthy.

Alleged theft by an employee from their company, or what is more commonly known as embezzlement, carries an additional stigma. Due to both the criminal consequences of a theft conviction and the collateral consequences of a theft conviction, it is imperative to find the best San Marcos theft lawyer possible for your particular case.

Texas Theft Punishment Ladder

The legislature based the punishments for theft on the alleged value taken. The higher the value, the more serious the crime you face.

The Law of Theft in Texas

The Texas Penal Code defines theft as:

unlawfully appropriating property of another with intent to deprive the owner of the property.

The main thrust of the theft statute is the "unlawfully appropriating" part. Typically, the State must prove that the accused exercised control over or took something, whether property, cash, or a benefit, from an owner without the owner's consent.

The theft statute is broad. It includes accusations of shoplifting, conversion, swindling, extortion, embezzlement, and receiving stolen property.

Defenses To Theft Charges

Every theft case is different, and there are many defenses to theft charges.

For example, in an employee theft case, the State might not be able to connect the employee to the missing funds. In a fraud case, there is usually some evidence that the accused intended to comply with the rules or agreement.

Sometimes, the State cannot prove the amount alleged, and the State can only establish a lesser crime. Furthermore, offering to pay restitution to the complaining witness can help lessen or even eliminate a theft charge.

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