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Hays County DWI Lawyer Jason Trumpler By Jason Trumpler, P.C. on April 08, 2020

Hays County DWI Attorney Jason Trumpler

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Not only are criminal accusations frightening, but they are very stressful when handled without the reliable guidance of a knowledgeable Hays County criminal defense lawyer. At the Law Offices of Jason Trumpler, I measure my success by my ability to not only achieve amazing results for my clients but also on the trust that my clients place in my firm. I am Jason Trumpler, and my approach to criminal defense is to blend excellent, comprehensive, no-nonsense client communication with effective overall advocacy.

If you are searching for an outstanding criminal defense attorney, I believe I can provide you with the help that you need. Call me at 512-457-5200 for a free consultation!


When deciding on who you trust to defend you against criminal charges, look for someone with not only the experience to protect you in court but the willingness to care about the results in your specific circumstance.

Here are five reasons why I am the best option for your legal defense in Hays County:

  1. I take the time to explain each step of the case to you.
  2. I make sure that you understand what is happening in your case.
  3. I always remain in contact with you. I am a phone call, text, or e-mail away.
  4. I take the time to understand your concerns and your goals.
  5. I will fight for the best possible result in every case.

I must provide aggressive and strategic legal representation and hold the prosecution accountable in each case. I take pride in doing so. I tailor strategies and techniques to fit the needs of your case because I know that no two situations are alike.

I can help you understand your options and fight for your rights in and out of court. I have credentials you can rely on for your representation. Along with being licensed in the states of Texas and California, I practice in the United States District Court, Western District Court of Texas, the United States District Court, Northern District of Texas, the United States District Court, Eastern District of Texas, the United States District Court, Southern District of Texas, and the United States District Court, Central District of California.


I begin each case by listening to your concerns to build an effective defense. When I take on a client, I think of us as a team. We have to work together as one. While we each have different roles, our ultimate objective and end goal must be the same. Whether the case involves a first-time Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charge or it is an aggravated violent crime, I am here to advocate on your behalf aggressively, robustly, and strategically.

People make mistakes all the time. When that mistake results in a criminal charge, I genuinely believe that you should not have to be defined by a momentary lapse in judgment. This belief guides the representation I provide. I am here to serve you by fighting for your rights both in court and out.

The Hays County District and County Courts are in the Hays County Government Center at 712 Stagecoach Trail, San Marcos, TX 78666.

In Hays County, I handle all types of criminal defense matters, from low-level misdemeanors to aggravated felonies.

My goal is to simplify the legal process for you. Many aspects of the legal system are challenging for everyone involved. I am here to make the process less complicated. Even if you are facing a federal crime, I help my clients choose the proper direction for their specific case. If the judicial system appears stressful, you can rely on me to explain things to you clearly. Remember, I have been doing this every day for the last 20 years. Hopefully, this is your first and last interaction with the system.

For an immediate free consultation about your Hays County criminal case or Hays County DWI, contact me anytime at 512-457-5200.

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Jason Trumpler

The Law Offices of Jason Trumpler

Jason Trumpler has handled thousands of criminal cases over nearly 20 years. He is a current or past member of several national, state, and local legal associations, including:

  • American Bar Association
  • Austin Bar Association
  • Williamson County Bar Association
  • National College for DUI Defense®
  • Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers' Association
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • DUI Defense Lawyers Association

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