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Have you been charged with possession of a controlled substance? Have you been charged with possession of a dangerous drug? Have you been charged with possession of Marijuana? Being charged with possession of a controlled substance in San Marcos, Texas, is a grave matter. Texas drug statutes provide harsh penalties for anyone convicted. If the State of Texas has charged you or someone you know with any drug-related crime in Hays County, then the time to seek legal counsel is now. San Marcos Drug Defense Attorney Jason Trumpler is a proven and insightful San Marcos Criminal Lawyer that has close to two decades of experience. Over that time, he has helped thousands of clients get favorable results in courts throughout Texas and California. Also, Attorney Jason Trumpler has taken over 100 cases to trial before juries.

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Health and Safety Code, Chapter 481, describes drug possession laws in Texas. These laws can be complicated, and the severity of the charge can depend on numerous factors. These factors include the kind of substance involved, the quantity of the substance, and the criminal history of the accused. In terms of defending against these accusations, the first thing Attorney Jason Trumpler looks for is whether there was an issue in how law enforcement found the alleged illegal substance.

Search and Seizure Issues

Attorney Jason Trumpler is a former prosecutor with extensive training and experience in the law of search and seizure. The first prong in evaluating a drug case is determining whether the law enforcement official had a right to contact you, and then if he or she did if he or she had a valid warrant or developed probable cause to search you.

Knowingly Possess

The other dominant defense to these types of charges is whether you knowingly possessed the alleged drug. This defense is generally based on circumstances on where the suspected controlled substance was found relative to the party the State is claiming "possessed" it.

Lab Issues

The final defense to these types of cases is lab issues. On occasion, the lab makes mistakes when testing drugs for both quality and quantity. Attorney Jason Trumpler has received training on how to test drugs in a laboratory setting. Hence, he is aware of the issues that can arise when testing drugs and knows how to look for these complex laboratory issues.

Defending against these allegations takes incisive insight of our Constitutional rights — especially those against unlawful search and seizure. Attorney Jason Trumpler knows how to navigate these cases and secure the best possible outcome on behalf of our clients.

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