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Burglary of a Vehicle in the State of Texas is a serious crime that may carry stiff penalties. The Texas Penal Code defines "vehicle" is as "any device in, on, or by which any person or property is or may be propelled, moved, or drawn in the normal course of commerce or transportation." Technically, the Texas Penal Code also classifies a "vehicle" as a "habitation," which means it is a private dwelling not open to the general public. Therefore, if someone enters your "vehicle," like a car, with the intent of committing a "felony or theft," then he or she is committing a "Burglary."
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If someone enters either your "vehicle," or the trailer, its towing, with the intent to commit:

  • A Felony; or,
  • A Theft.

The State may charge that person with "Burglary." The Texas Penal Code defines "enter" to apply to any part of the body or a tool that the person is holding and using. For example, if someone were using a tool to try and unlock your car door through a cracked window, they could be accused of the act of Burglary even though their body was not in the car.

Potential Punishments

The State typically punishes theft on a ladder according to the value of the goods or services taken. The prosecutor and court handling a Burglary of a Vehicle case, however, will look at the defendant's criminal record. The State punishes Burglary of a Vehicle based on how many prior convictions the defendant has.
  • First Offense
    • Class A Misdemeanor
      • Range of Punishment
        • Up to 1 Year in the County Jail
        • Up to $4,000 Fine
  • Second Offense
    • Modified Class A Misdemeanor
      • Range of Punishment
        • Minimum Six Months in County Jail to One Year in the County Jail
        • Up to $4,000 Fine
  • Third Offense or More
    • State Jail Felony
      • Range of Punishment
        • Six Months to Two Years in the State Jail
        • Up to $10,000 Fine

Additionally, a "Burglary of a Vehicle" charge can make finding employment and housing difficult since it is a "crime of moral turpitude." Moreover, if the State enhances it to a felony, a conviction will disqualify you from most housing rentals, affect your right to vote, and prohibit you from owning a gun.

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