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Gavel atop money in a portrayal of settlementBeing arrested and taken to jail can be frightening and confusing. A criminal accusation is bad enough, especially when it is unjust, but the prospect of spending time in jail without a trial can make the situation even worse. Fortunately, Jason Trumpler and his associates are ready to help you by posting bail and arranging your release from an Austin area jail. We are available 24 hours a day to take your emergency calls, and will begin working on your bond the moment you reach out to us. At the same time, we can offer legal advice and begin working on your defense immediately.

We understand that an unexpected accusation and arrest may be stressful and frustrating, and we will treat you with respect and courtesy throughout the process. Contact our office today to learn more about posting bail. 

What Is Bail?

Bail is not designed as a punishment – after all, under the law, you are innocent until proven guilty. Rather, bail is an amount of money considered substantial enough to keep you from leaving town before your trial. After the trial is completed, the money will be returned to you, regardless of the verdict. Bail is typically set by a judge in proportion to the crime of which you were accused. In most places, if a suspect is arrested after business hours, he or she will have to wait until the next day to have bail set and to obtain release from jail. Travis County is unique because it offers 24-hour magistration. Officials will answer the phones any hour of the day or night, making it much more likely that you will have your bail amount set and your jail release settled promptly.

Personal vs. Surety Bonds

Though bail is not intended to be a punishment, the fact is that bail amounts are often prohibitively high, which is why there are two primary bond payment options available to suspects under arrest: personal bonds and surety bonds. At the law offices of Jason Trumpler, we only provide attorney-assisted personal bonds for clients arrested in Travis County. If you obtain a personal bond, we will perform a background check, and you will be released from jail within a few hours without any money changing hands. Instead, you must swear that you will return for your court date and follow any court requirements for your release. Within seven days, you must pay an administrative fee of $20, or 3% of the bond amount. This amount will be allocated to your legal fees.

Surety bonds are posted by a bondsman. If you obtain one of these bonds, you agree to pay 10-20% of the full bond amount to the agent in exchange for posting bail. You will also need to obtain a co-signer.

The Advantages of Attorney-assisted Bonds

While a bondsman can obtain a jail release, there are a number of advantages that make an attorney-assisted personal bond a better choice. First, it is ultimately cheaper, since you would be required to pay such a large percentage of your bail amount to a bondsman. This amount is nonrefundable, even if you are found innocent. Second, hiring an attorney to handle your bail enables him to get started on an effective defense strategy. By getting involved right from the start, your lawyer will have access to important details regarding your case that might otherwise be overlooked. Finally, when Jason Trumpler handles your bail bond, he will treat you with respect – just like he would a member of his own family. Knowing the stress and worry you may experience, he will not only take care of securing your personal bond, he will provide reassurance and guidance throughout the entire legal process.

Learn More about Posting Bail

If you or a loved one is in need of bail, contact us immediately. Mr. Trumpler and his associates are ready to help you 24/7, and will begin the bail bond process the minute you call. We will find the quickest way to get you out of jail, and begin to formulate an effective strategy for your defense. 

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