Cocaine Possession

Fight Against Charges with a Cocaine Lawyer

A criminal charge for possession of cocaine is very serious. Texas drug laws enforce some of the most severe penalties in the country: possession of less than one gram of cocaine can result in a felony conviction. Depending on the circumstances of the case, judges may compound these penalties even further.

If you are faced with charges of cocaine possession, you need the best defense possible. With years of experience representing defendants for drug-related crimes, cocaine lawyer Jason Trumpler can help protect you from harsh penalties and minimize potential sentences in Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas.

Understanding Texas Cocaine Charges

Cocaine falls into Penalty Group 1, the most severe penalty category for Texas crimes involving possession of a controlled substance. The severity of the consequences increases according to the amount of cocaine found by law enforcement:

Substance amount Category   Potential Penalties
 Less than 1 gram State jail felony Up to 2 years in jail, fine of $10,000
 Between 1 - 4 grams Third degree felony 2-10 years in prison, fine of $10,000
 Between 4 - 200 grams Second degree felony 2-20 years in prison, fine of $10,000
Between 200 - 400 grams First degree felony 5 years to life in prison, fine of $10,000
 More than 400 grams Enhanced first degree felony 10 years to life in prison, fine of $100,000

With some of the toughest drug laws in the country, Texas also enforces a variety of enhancements for cocaine possession charges. Prior drug convictions, use or possession of a gun, conviction for a crime occurring in a school zone or near a playground, and manufacturing or delivery of cocaine often result in an enhanced sentence. If larger amounts of cocaine are involved or you are accused of trafficking drugs from out of the state or country, you may face both state and federal charges.

Defending Against Cocaine Charges with Trumpler Law

To fight cocaine charges, it is important to retain the services of a criminal defense attorney with narcotics experience. After years spent working as a narcotics prosecutor, Mr. Trumpler is deeply familiar with the system, police tactics, and search and seizure laws in both the Texas and federal court systems.

At Trumpler Law, we take your rights and freedom very seriously. Our first priority is to clear you of drug charges. If this is not possible, then we strive to renegotiate and minimize penalties.

If law enforcement activities are in violation of your constitutional rights, evidence can be excluded and charges dropped.

It is important to understand that the State must prove you were in possession of a controlled substance, which means demonstrating that you intentionally had custody, care, and control of cocaine. Law enforcement must obtain evidence from your car or home in the course of a legal search. If not, they are in violation of your constitutional rights and the judge may rule to exclude certain evidence or drop charges.

Ensure Your Legal Defense

For immediate help with a cocaine charge, including bail and release, call our 24-hour line: (512) 457-5200. To schedule a consultation with Jason Trumpler, please call today or contact us online.

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