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At the Law Offices of Jason Trumpler, we represent clients seeking to clear their criminal records. There are many criteria that must be met in order to clear your criminal record, but we can help you in obtaining expungement under a variety of circumstances. Attorney Jason Trumpler can help you overcome the past in order to move on with your personal and professional life.

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What is Expungement?

Expungement, also called expunction, is the process of erasing arrest and conviction records. This means that if your record is successfully expunged, you can truthfully say you do not have a criminal record when asked by a landlord or prospective employer.

Eligibility Requirements for Expungement

Although most convictions and arrests cannot be completely erased from your record, there are some instances in which we can help.

You may be able to expunge your criminal record if:

  • You were acquitted by a jury or judge in a court of appeals
  • You were arrested but a case was never filed after the statute of limitations period expired
  • You were convicted of a crime but later pardoned
  • Your case was dismissed entirely or the charges were dropped after the statute of limitations period expired
  • You were placed on deferral disposition for a Class C misdemeanor and later completed the deferral period
  • You were a victim of identity theft and charged of crimes that were committed by someone else
  • You were convicted of a crime and later pardoned by the governor of your state or the president of the United States
  • You are the family member of a deceased person convicted of a crime you want cleared
  • You were convicted of a drug offense that was satisfied by the completion of a program

In some of these cases, you can only file for expungement once the statute of limitations period has expired.

There are also certain factors that may disqualify you from filing for expungement, including:

  • Conviction of a felony within five years of the offense you want expunged
  • Facing another charge that occurred during the same time as the crime you want expunged

We are here to help you obtain expungement, clear your criminal record, and receive a second chance.

Expungement for Minors

Once a minor has reached legal age, they may be eligible for expungement of qualifying misdemeanor juvenile offenses, certain alcohol offenses committed as a minor, and citations issued for failure to attend school. In order to qualify for clearance of criminal offenses committed as a minor, you cannot have multiple convictions on your record and must be of legal age before filing for expungement.

Hire an Austin Expungement Attorney

Our legal representatives at the Law Offices of Jason Trumpler can help determine if you are eligible for expungement. We can help you throughout the entire process, from filing your petition to the correct court to preparing an order for expungement that is ready to be signed by a judge at your scheduled hearing. Our team can also assist you in submitting the signed order for expungement to any and all agencies that may have your criminal record.

If your request for expungement is successful, we can help you obtain a certificate of actual innocence. Any errors in completing expungement forms can have a serious impact on your case – we are here to help you avoid those mistakes.

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We understand that having a criminal record can negatively impact your work and personal life. That is why we offer our services to help you clear your criminal record and move on with a fresh start.

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