What You Should Know

What You Should Know

Criminal Defense Expert Austin

Here are a couple of things that you should know before choosing one of several criminal defense attorneys in Austin. It is important to note that we are attorneys not magicians.  Anyone who claims that just by hiring him or her, your charges will disappear, is not being truthful.  As criminal defense attorneys, our ability to negotiate your case is dependent on a variety of circumstances.  Our limitations are chiefly governed by the facts of your specific case and your criminal history.  Most competent criminal defense lawyers are going to be able to obtain similar results on a given set of facts with a given criminal history.  So long as your lawyer is competent, experienced, and willing to try cases, the results are going to be similar.  It is important that you understand this and temper your expectations accordingly. To further understand your case, contact The Law Offices of Jason Trumpler, today.

At our firm, we are going to do everything we can in order to get you the best result possible.  We are also going to give you an honest assessment of the good and the bad about your case.  Just because you have paid us a substantial sum of money, it doesn’t mean we should or will tell you something just because it is something you want to hear.  In some cases, this means we are only going to be able to mitigate your sentence on the existing charge.  In others, we will be able to get the charges reduced or dismissed.  In some cases, we are going to have to go trial.  At trial, we may win or we may lose.  While we are extremely successful at trial, it should be noted that even the best criminal defense lawyers are lucky if they win slightly over 25% of the cases he or she takes to trial.  In some situations, your result will be very similar to the result you may have obtained if you had represented yourself.  No one can guarantee an outcome in any case. In addition, you can be punished up to the maximum possible sentence in any case.  This is not to say that the norm is going to be a maximum punishment.  It is just important to note that the maximum penalty is always on the table until the case is resolved for something less than the maximum.  This means if you go to trial, the maximum penalty is available at sentencing and can be imposed by the judge, or in Texas by the judge or the jury, if you are indeed found guilty. 

One of the reasons you hire a lawyer is for him or her to guide you through the myriad of legal pit falls that someone often can and will face if he or she chooses to represent him or herself.  A lawyer should have the expertise necessary to help you avoid legal land mines and ensure the least amount of overall damage.  Individuals sometimes have the expectation that his or her lawyer is going to win every case every time simply because the lawyer was a paid a substantial amount of money.  Sometimes individuals hire a lawyer because that lawyer tells him or her something that he or she wants to hear.

The fact that we are not infallible or magic is difficult for many clients to understand.  I hear from clients daily who are certain that the facts of his or her friend’s case were far worse than the facts of his or her case and his or her friend’s lawyer got the friend a much better deal.  The first question that comes to mind is why didn’t you hire your friend’s attorney?  The reality is, however, that jail house lawyers, i.e. folks who have been through this rodeo before, often times have no idea how or why his or her attorney was able to obtain the results he or she obtained.  A lot of times these folks are also exaggerating.  Everyone wants to have the best lawyer, the best accountant, the best everything so many times folks exaggerate, embellish, or even lie.  The truth is that sometimes it was dumb luck and not lawyering at all.  This is a trade secret that we lawyers hold close to the vest.  Many times, there was a fact that this friend of yours has failed to tell you or even know about that changed the tide of his or her specific case.  It may have been a different judge, a different prosecutor, a different police officer, or a major ace in the hole in the facts of the case that led to the different result.  It may have been laziness on the part of the prosecutor.  I can tell you from the experience of having worked on both sides of the aisle that prosecutors sometimes do things for odd reasons.  There are times when prosecutors get generous on a case because his or her kid has a little league game that afternoon and he or she simply does not want to deal with the case in front of him or her at that time.  Be skeptical of folks who come to you with information about how awesome his or her lawyer was, or go ahead and hire the magic lawyer that he or she is telling you about.

At the Law Offices of Jason Trumpler , our fees are reasonable.  We generally charge at or below market rate.  This is despite the fact that I have tried more cases than your average lawyer and have had much better results in many cases than your average lawyer.    At this stage in my career, I have taken over 100 cases to verdict at trial before a jury.  When you sit down with your lawyer ask him or her how many cases he or she has taken to verdict.   There are some amazing lawyers out there that have tried and won a lot of cases, many of whom have tried and won many more cases than I have, and there are many lawyers that would not know where to sit if the case went to trial.  We charge what we charge at our firm because we believe in providing high quality legal representation at reasonable fees.  I come from a blue collar background and understand that legal fees are not something folks generally plan for.  This being said, hiring any lawyer is not cheap.  While our fees are competitive, we understand that you expect results.  The only result we can promise is that our lawyers are going to do everything we can within the confines of legal ethics to get you the best result possible.  We can do no more, and you should expect no less. 

Our criminal defense fees are flat.  That means we charge you a flat fee up until trial and then a flat fee if you choose to go to trial.  We break it up this way because most cases are resolved short of going to trial.  If your case is resolved before trial, you can expect to pay less money.  It should also be noted that our fees are non-refundable.  Once you pay a fee, absent something extraordinary, you should not expect a refund.  This policy is in place because our fees are extremely reasonable based upon the market. 

Brief Attorney Biography

Jason Trumpler graduated in December of 1999 from the University of Texas School of Law. After graduation, Mr. Trumpler worked for the Ventura County, California, District Attorney’s Office as a Deputy District Attorney. During his tenure with the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office Mr. Trumpler was known for creatively and successfully trying difficult cases. Mr. Trumpler briefly entered the civil arena from 2001 until 2002 before returning to criminal law as a Deputy District Attorney in Orange County, California. During his career as a prosecutor in Orange County, Mr. Trumpler took over 30 jury trials to verdict. Mr. Trumpler also trained law enforcement officers throughout Orange County in investigative techniques, DWI/DUI enforcement, testimony, and report writing. While with the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Trumpler tried a number of cases with renowned DUI Defense Attorney Myles L. Berman. Mr. Trumpler was eventually recruited by Mr. Berman to run his Orange County Office, which Mr. Trumpler did for over two years.

All said and told Mr. Trumpler has taken more than 100 jury trials to verdict.  He has evaluated cases as both a prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer and tried cases on both sides successfully.  He has an excellent reputation amongst peers, prosecutors, and the bench.   

In addition to criminal defense, in Texas, we also handle family law matters, basic business formation, civil litigation, and select personal injury cases. For more information on your case and how our criminal defense attorneys can help, contact our offices today.


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