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Drug Crimes Lawyer

If you have been charged with a drug crime, you need an attorney who can protect your rights and your future.

At the Law Offices of Jason Trumpler, we do everything possible to minimize any criminal consequences so you can move on with your life.

Learn more about how a drug crimes defense lawyer at our Austin, TX, practice can protect your rights...

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We Can Do More for You Than a Bail Bondsman

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A bail bondsman can get you out of jail. But our criminal defense lawyer can do that and also give solid legal advice about the charges against you and what you can do about it. By hiring a lawyer from the start, you can avoid missteps that could damage your case. We start gathering details right away,  investigate the circumstances of your arrest, and stop interrogations. With offices in both Austin and Round Rock, we can help clients from Georgetown, Travis County, and elsewhere in Texas.

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Reasons to Hire a Lawyer

Fair Representation

Any person who is charged with a crime deserves fair and unbiased representation. Our lawyer serving Austin, Georgetown, and surrounding communities will provide you with sound and compassionate legal advice with the goal of getting drug charges and penalties reduced or dismissed.

A Strong Defense

A lawyer can build effective legal strategies backed by strong evidence and compelling arguments. With the assistance of an attorney, you have a better chance of obtaining a more favorable outcome in your case.

Minimized Consequences

If you fear a conviction or jail time, depend on us to minimize the consequences of your drug case. Our firm can help you get past this difficult situation with the charges affecting your future as little as possible.


Montana Bray

September, 2019

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Mr. Trumpler was professional, approachable, incredibly down to earth and reasonable with his prices. He swooped in like a superhero when another firm had left me high and dry, and then helped me reach a favorable conclusion to my case in record time. 5 stars isn't enough, thank you Mr. Trumpler!

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Amber Klinksiek

April, 2019

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Jason never ceases to amaze me in his work. He is well spoken and elegant in his practice. He is patient with his clients. He is absolutely worth the money. Jason is kind and caring and understanding. He listens to your story entirely and fights for you as a human. I am forever grateful to have been introduced to him and have him as a friend.

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Jason Trumpler is a criminal defense lawyer who has been defending his clients' rights for more than 20 years. He is licensed to practice in Texas and California, and has represented clients in more than 100 jury trials. As a former prosecutor, he understands the legal tactics and strategies that the state prosecutor might use to convict people of drug crimes such as cocaine possession. In addition, he has extensive knowledge of search and seizure law and has undergone years of specialized training in drug defense.

Drug charges of any type can affect your future. If you have been charged with drug possession relating to marijuana or other substances, drug trafficking, or DWI, you need a criminal defense attorney on your side.

Leave a message for our criminal defense practice or contact us by phone to schedule a free consultation. We have offices in Austin and Round Rock that draw clients from Georgetown, Travis County, and other areas of Texas.

Jason Trumpler

Have You Been Charged with a Drug Crime?

Drug Possession

Drug possession is one of the most common drug crimes. The amount and type of drug that is found affects the severity of the drug charges and resulting punishment. For example, smaller amounts may result in a misdemeanor, while greater amounts of drugs in your possession can result in a more serious felony charge.

Drug Distribution

A distribution or intent to sell charge may be filed if a person is transporting or delivering a controlled substance, or if someone is in possession of drug paraphernalia such as scales and bags. Under Texas law, a drug distribution charge carries severe penalties, so it is important to contact a criminal defense lawyer.

Drug Trafficking

Texas is a border state and drug trafficking is more common here. The penalties that accompany this type of conviction can be severe. If you are charged with trafficking large amounts of controlled substances, you need a criminal defense attorney who can limit the lifelong repercussions on your reputation and freedom.

Drug Manufacturing

Manufacturing controlled substances such as meth results in harsh penalties. This type of offense is a felony, and those charged with a drug manufacturing crime may face incarceration, fines, and other penalties. Our criminal defense lawyer will review all aspects of your case to minimize the consequences of the charge.

What Is a Narcotic?


Though people still refer to all drugs as "narcotics," that term now usually refers to opium, opium derivatives, and semi-synthetic substitutes, according to the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.


Jason Porter


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Mr. Trumpler helped me with a really bad speeding ticket and got deferred disposition with defensive driving. Very responsive with great results. If you're in need of an attorney for criminal defense, he's a great one.

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Rebecca Buglehall


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Jason Trumpler came through for me like a champ! He is attentive, informative, and trustworthy. He’s five stars all the way!

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Free Consultations & Reasonable Legal Fees Request a Free Consultation

Drug crimes lawyer Jason Trumpler has an exceptional skill set he puts to use to defend clients charged with drug crimes:

  • He has undergone years of specialized training on building strong defenses against drug charges. He also has advanced training on search and seizure laws, an area of law enforcement that can play a major role in getting charges dropped.
  • Our criminal defense attorney is also a former prosecutor. He understands the tactics law enforcement and government lawyers use and knows where to look for weak spots in their cases.

Are Costs a Concern?

We understand that people are worried about legal fees. Mr. Trumpler grew up with a blue-collar background and knows most people don't have extra cash laying around to pay for a lawyer when they need one.

Our fees are reasonable and generally at or below market rate for an attorney of Mr. Trumpler's caliber. We also offer free, no-strings consultations. You are under no obligation to hire our law firm after your initial consultation. But it won't cost you a dime to see if we're a good fit.

We have offices in both Austin and Round Rock, and draw clients from Georgetown and throughout the area.

Have questions? You can leave us a message or contact us by phone:

Jason Trumpler

Other Factors
that Can Affect Your Case

Drugs in baggies
In addition to the type of drug and crime that you are charged with,
there are other factors that affect your case.

The amount of the drug that is found in your possession has a significant impact. Criminal charges involving less than a gram of a controlled substance come with lighter sentences. When individuals are found with greater amounts of drugs, the penalties are greater, and more serious charges such as distribution or trafficking may be filed.

Aggravating circumstances can also affect your case. For example, if you are in possession of drugs in a school zone, you commit a drug crime in presence of a child, or use a child in commission of a crime, additional charges can be filed.

Our Criminal Defense Firm

Check out our court victories to see for yourself how Jason Trumpler can have drug possession charges reduced or dismissed entirely. The likelihood of a favorable outcome and the tactic that is right for your case depends on the unique circumstances and if law enforcement followed the law in your case.

To find out how a criminal defense lawyer can protect your freedom and livelihood, contact our law office online or call us. With offices in Austin and Round Rock, we serve clients in Georgetown, Travis County, and other areas of Texas. We charge no fees for your initial consultation and case review. You have nothing to lose by consulting Mr. Trumpler in person and learning how he can help you avoid jeopardizing your future.

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Carrington Smurl

March 27, 2019

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Best lawyer you could have. Handles everything swiftly so you have peace of mind.

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Linda Spindle

September 22, 2016

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Great lawyer, best in Texas. He gets the job done right.

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The Cost of Hiring a Drug Crime Lawyer

The cost of hiring a criminal defense attorney keeps many people from seeking representation. At our law office, we offer free consultations with no obligations so that those charged with drug possession or other crimes can learn more about what a qualified defense attorney can offer.

In most cases, our clients can expect to spend anywhere from $2,500 to $25,000 for our defense attorney services. This price range varies based on the difficulty of the case and whether it goes to court. However, it is important to keep in mind that a criminal defense attorney can limit jail time and fines, which can help you get your life back on track.

Jason Trumpler: A Lawyer Who Can Use Search and Seizure Law to Your Advantage

When it comes to drug crimes, search and seizure laws play an important role. Police officers don't have the right to search people and their possessions at will. They must follow proper procedures, including obtaining a search warrant or your consent to search your home or vehicle.

There are instances in which a warrantless search of your person or property may be lawful. For example, if you are in public and an officer sees you engaging in illegal behavior, in plain view, those objects that were in plain view may be subject to search and seizure. In addition, if you are in public and an officer has reasonable suspicion that you have committed a crime, a limited search may be performed.

Jason Trumpler has undergone specialized training in search and seizure laws. He understands how illegal search and seizure can affect your case, and potentially result in dropped charges. During your case review, the Law Offices of Jason Trumpler in Austin and Round Rock can help to determine if you have been subjected to an illegal search and seizure.


Becky Underwood

December, 2019

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Jason was knowledgeable, empathetic, sincere, and transparent from the moment I hysterically contacted him. I was pleased with the outcome of my case and highly recommend him for any legal situation.

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Tina Fore

November, 2019

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Jason Trumpler is exceptional. It doesn't matter if you have a parking ticket or a more serious offense. He treats all cases (and clients) the same. I have referred many friends to Mr. Trumpler and will continue to do so. If you need an attorney, Jason Trumpler is the one to turn to!

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How Can We
Minimize Your Penalties?

There are many effective criminal defense legal strategies that can be employed to help your case:

The Lack of Knowledge Defense

If the drugs were found in a place that several people had access to, such as a house or car, our Austin criminal defense lawyer may argue that you were unaware that you were in possession of the drugs.

The Amount Was Insufficient for Prosecution

In marijuana cases, it is becoming more common to get charges dropped by arguing that the amount of the substance found does not warrant prosecution.

Illegal Search and Seizure

Police officers must have probable cause or your consent to search your home or vehicle. If the police didn't follow lawful procedures, your charges may be dropped.

The Medication Was Prescribed By Your Doctor

If you were charged with the unlawful possession of prescription drugs, our criminal defense attorney can argue that the medication was prescribed by your doctor and being used as directed.

No History of Criminal Offenses

If you don't have a history of committing crimes, we can use this to your advantage and seek a lighter sentence. By agreeing to drug classes, rehab, and reforming your life, we can get your charges dropped or reduced.

Don't Wait Contact Our Criminal Defense Firm Today

There are many other effective legal strategies that can be used to resolve your case in a favorable manner. During a free consultation at our criminal defense law firm in Austin, we will review all of the circumstances of your case and determine how to move forward. We will look at all evidence to make sure it is admissible, and review all procedures to make sure they were lawful.

Leave a message for our law office today or call us to schedule an appointment with a criminal defense attorney. With offices in Austin and Round Rock, we serve clients from Georgetown, Travis County, and surrounding areas of Texas.

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DWI vs. Drug Charges


A DWI charge can be filed when a driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A drug offense charge can be filed when a person is charged with possession, distribution, trafficking, or manufacturing drugs.

It is possible for people to be charged with both a DWI and drug offense at the same time. For example, if you are pulled over for a suspected DWI and the police officer sees illegal drugs or prescription pills in the vehicle, you may be charged with DWI and drug possession.

DWI and drug offenses are both associated with serious penalties, including incarceration, fines, license suspension, and documentation on your permanent record. Crimes such as a first-time DWI with no aggravating circumstances or possession of a gram of marijuana will typically result in lighter sentences. Still, anyone who is charged with DWI or a drug crime should speak to an attorney for legal guidance.


James K.

February 13, 2017

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Jason was very professional, thorough and patient. He represented me and was able to lower my charge. If you need legal representation,  I highly recommend Jason Trumpler.

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Carli C.

November 16, 2019

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Jason and his team are the best lawyers in Austin. Jason listens to what you have to say and wins your case.

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Jason Trumpler

The Law Offices of Jason Trumpler

Jason Trumpler has handled thousands of criminal cases over nearly 20 years. He is a current or past member of several national, state, and local legal associations, including:

  • American Bar Association
  • Austin Bar Association
  • Williamson County Bar Association
  • National College for DUI Defense®
  • Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers' Association
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • DUI Defense Lawyers Association

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