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DWI Attorney

Have you been charged with DWI or DUI in or near Round Rock, TX? You have rights, but you need an attorney who can protect them.

Jason Trumpler has tried more than 100 DWI cases, helping clients achieve dropped or reduced charges.

Don't wait to book your free consultation with our DWI attorney, serving Round Rock, TX, and communities throughout Greater Austin.

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If you or someone you love has been charged with DUI or DWI, now is the time to contact an attorney. Jason Trumpler is a lawyer who has worked on both sides of criminal cases, both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney. Throughout his career of more than 20 years, he has tried more than 100 DWI cases. Meanwhile, his rates are more affordable than many other criminal defense firms in Greater Austin, TX. You have absolutely nothing to lose by scheduling a free case review with lawyer Jason Trumpler. 

Round Rock, TX, Can Turn to Jason Trumpler For Aggressive DWI Defense

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For many years, Round Rock has been considered a bedroom community for thousands who commute to Austin for work. Meanwhile, living just 20 minutes from the Live Music Capital of the World means many Round Rock residents are enjoying evening trips into Austin for entertainment and culture. Of course, this places them under the watchful eye of both state and local law enforcement along I-35, who are as prone to human error in their occupation as anyone else. When people throughout Greater Round Rock, TX, find themselves facing DWI charges, the lawyer they turn to is Jason Trumpler because:

He Has Tried More Than 100 DWI Cases

Experience matters, and it's especially important when your freedom and your livelihood are on the line. DWI lawyer Jason Trumpler has defended clients in more than 100 DWI cases in both Texas and California, and he has helped many clients achieve reduced or dropped charges through compelling, fact-based litigation.

He Provides Affordable Representation

Clients who retain our lawyer can expect to pay $3,000 to $10,000 for his services, which is highly reasonable when compared to the rates other Austin-area firms charge. Protecting your freedom and your rights shouldn't lead to financial ruin. As Mr. Trumpler's client, you can expect dedicated legal counsel and criminal defense services at a price you can afford.

He Won't Leave You in the Dark

When you find yourself facing DWI or any other kind of criminal charges, no question is more urgent than, "What happens next?" As Jason Trumpler's client, you can expect to always have a clear understanding of when and why important steps are taking place, as well as any significant findings that occur as your attorney investigates your DWI case.

"I highly recommend Jason Trumpler."

"I highly recommend Jason Trumpler if you need a great attorney and find yourself in a situation beyond your control. He kept me informed and worked very hard on my case and got it dismissed." Gustavus Kanai

DUI and DWI: What Is the Difference?

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In Texas, you will likely see the terms DWI (driving while intoxicated) and DUI (driving under the influence) used interchangeably. However, it's important to understand that these are two distinct violations. The primary difference is the age of the accused.

DWI applies to adults who either have a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or greater, or whose use of alcohol is determined to be affecting their driving. You don't necessarily have to have a BAC higher than 0.08% to be charged with DWI.

DUI—or, as it is officially noted, DUIA (driving under the influence of alcohol)—pertains to people under the age of 21, who are prohibited in Texas from having any amount of alcohol in their systems when driving. Penalties for a DUIA conviction can include a 60-day license suspension, $500 in fines, and an alcohol education course. However, if the accused underage driver has a BAC of more than 0.08%, they can be charged with DWI. 

If you or a loved one face charges of DWI or DUI in or near Round Rock, TX, Jason Trumpler is a lawyer who can provide the compassionate legal counsel and aggressive DWI defense necessary to keep both adults and minors from being subjected to harsh legal penalties they don't deserve.

Reach Out to a DWI Lawyer Now Protect Your Freedoms With Legal Representation

By calling our Austin-based law firm's office in Round Rock, TX, any time of day or night, you will speak directly with one of our staff about booking a free case review with a lawyer at the soonest possible time. Jason Trumpler has practiced law for more than two decades, working as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney. He understands the immense stress you are under, which is why he has built a practice that can provide a real human response when you need it the most. 

Simply being charged with DWI carries a heavy stigma, but remember this above all else: you have rights, and you aren't automatically going to bear the significant consequences of a DWI conviction. With the help of a lawyer like Mr. Trumpler, the facts of your case will be made clear, and you stand a far better chance of avoiding paying the price for charges that are either unwarranted or excessive. Jason Tumpler is a DWI attorney with a record of success on behalf of clients facing these serious charges. Trust your future to an attorney who has built a career on the pursuit of truth in the face of stereotypes, stigmas, and misconduct by law enforcement. Call or contact us now to book your case review with an attorney:

Jason Trumpler

Round Rock Chooses Jason Trumpler

"His charges are the cheapest among all the lawyers we have called in Austin and he knows about his job the best! Trumpler knows how to communicate with the prosecutors very well!" XIAO AN

DUI and DWI Defense Strategies

Being charged with DWI or DUI does not mean a conviction is inevitable. Law enforcement personnel are trained to identify drivers who may possibly be operating their vehicles under the influence, but the truth is that this protocol is not perfect. Any missteps on the part of law enforcement can result in wrongful charges and violated civil rights. Jason Trumpler is a DWI lawyer serving Round Rock, TX, who excels at identifying misconduct in these cases in order to help clients avoid unjust penalties. Let's take a look at examples of misconduct that could lead to dropped or reduced DUI or DWI charges: 
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Lack of Probable Cause

Law enforcement personnel must have reasonable suspicion (such as erratic driving) to perform a traffic stop. Before they can make an arrest, they must have probable cause, or evidence that could reasonably indicate a crime has been committed. This could be the smell of alcohol on the driver's breath, open alcohol containers in the vehicle, or having red, glassy eyes. As your lawyer, Jason Trumpler will analyze your case to determine whether there truly was probable cause for your arrest.

Woman getting Breathalyzer test

Faulty Testing 

Breathalyzer tests are not foolproof—incorrect calibration is just one reason why these devices can return a false positive. Field sobriety tests are known to fall significantly short of 100% accuracy; people can fail them simply because they feel anxious. Blood tests can be mishandled, mislabeled, or contaminated, producing inaccurate results. An attorney like Jason Trumpler, who has handled many DWI cases, can identify circumstances that could call the accuracy of these tests into question.

Your best bet for an apt defense is to enlist the help of a lawyer. Call now to arrange to speak to an attorney with a track record of success on behalf of DWI clients.

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Case Dissmissed! Jason is straight forward and honest. I am beyond grateful. Jason and his team (Tony Sun in particular) exceeded expectations. Put your future in hands you can trust, go with Jason Trumpler.

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Jason did not make any false promises or sugar coat anything; something that I found to be rare when looking for an attorney. He got the job done quicker than expected with a reasonable price.

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