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A conviction - or even an arrest without subsequent conviction - can create problems in your future.

Expungement lawyer Jason Trumpler in Austin, TX, can help erase certain incidents from your record so you can move on with your life.

Find out how this option can benefit you...

What Is Expungement? 

Expungement, also called expunction, is the process of erasing certain arrests and convictions from your record. It allows you to legally say you do not have a criminal record. The offense will not appear on a background check, and you do not have to disclose the information on contracts or applications.  

Don't Let the Past Hold You Back

When you successfully expunge your records, your criminal charges and prior arrests will not show up on background checks.

Trumpler Law Can Make It Happen

The laws regarding expunction in the state of Texas can be complicated and difficult to navigate on your own. Fortunately, attorney Jason Trumpler can help determine if you are eligible for expungement and assist you in clearing your name. Mr. Trumpler has practiced criminal defense law since 1999 and understands the challenges of living with a criminal background. Our compassionate team provides the legal assistance you need to move towards a better future.

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Am I Eligible For Expunction?

We help clients in Austin, Georgetown, and communities throughout the region determine their eligibility and begin this legal process. There are a number of circumstances that may make certain arrests or convictions on you record eligible for expunction, including:

You were acquitted by a jury or judge in a court of appeals. 

You were arrested, but a case was never filed after the statute of limitations period expired.

You were convicted of a crime but later pardoned. 

Your case was dismissed entirely or the charges were dropped after the statute of limitations period expired. 

You were placed on deferred disposition for a Class C misdemeanor and later completed the deferral period. 

You were a victim of identity theft and charged with crimes that were committed by someone else. 

You were convicted of a crime and later pardoned by the governor of your state or the president of the United States. 

You are the family member of a deceased person convicted of a crime you want to be cleared. 

You were convicted of a drug offense that was satisfied by the completion of a program. 

Expungement for Minors

Once a minor has reached legal age, they may be eligible for expungement of qualifying misdemeanor juvenile offenses, certain alcohol offenses committed as a minor, and citations issued for failure to attend school.  If a minor was arrested but not charged or convicted of a crime, they may also be eligible to have the record of the arrest expunged. 

In order to qualify for clearance of criminal offenses committed as a minor, you cannot have multiple convictions on your record and must be of legal age before filing for expungement. If you are an adult who was arrested or convicted before the age of 18, Jason Trumpler can review your eligibility for expunction. 


In most cases, you can only file for expungement once the statute of limitations period (usually about three years, depending on the crime) has expired. There are also certain factors that may disqualify you from filing for expungement, including: 

  • Conviction of a felony within five years of the offense you want to be expunged.
  • Facing another charge that occurred at the same time as the crime you want expunged

Timeline of Expunging Your Record

We not only make the legal proceedings easier, but our knowledge of criminal defense helps increase your chances of a successful petition.
We not only make the legal proceedings easier, but our knowledge of criminal defense helps increase your chances of a successful petition.

Meeting Conditions

Before you are eligible for expunction, you must first meet all the requirements described above. 

Petition for Expunction

The next step is filing paperwork with the district court requesting that the court grant an Order for Expunction. Any mistakes made during this step can impact your petition, so it is important to contact an experienced expungement lawyer to assist with the legal proceedings.


There will be a hearing held in the trial court if any respondents contest the expunction. Again, the help of a lawyer is paramount to proving you are entitled to expungement. 

Expunge Records

After the process of any appeals, the expunction order is finalized and sent to all respondents. All agencies that receive a copy of the expunction order must destroy records and files related to the arrest or charges. 

Our Law Firm Offers a Better Chance of Success

Any errors in completing expungement forms can have a serious impact on your case, and we are here to help you avoid those mistakes.  We will assist you every step of the way, from filing your petition to the correct court, to preparing your case and presenting it at your scheduled hearing. We can also guide you through the process of submitting the signed order for expungement to any and all agencies that may have your criminal record.  If your request for expungement is successful, we can help you in obtaining a certificate of actual innocence. We not only make the legal proceedings easier, but our knowledge of criminal defense helps increase your chances of a successful petition. Get started with our firm today. You can reach our offices in Austin or Round Rock, TX, online or by calling: 

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If I don't qualify for an expunction, do I have other options?

Record Sealing Under An Order Of Nondisclosure

Texas law permits some criminal records to be sealed under an Order of Nondisclosure.  Nondisclosure does not destroy a criminal record - it seals off the information from public view. While this means certain government agencies and law enforcement will still retain and have access to your record, it is unavailable to the general public and will not appear on a standard background check. Nondisclosure allows you to legally omit your criminal charges on job and housing applications.

A broader range of candidates are eligible for an Order of Nondisclosure than traditional expunction, but the requirements are still strict. For example, convictions relating to family violence are not eligible for an Order of Nondisclosure. Our law firm has helped many clients throughout Austin, Georgetown, and surrounding communities successfully petition for nondisclosure if expunging their record is not an option. In many ways, an order of nondisclosure can be equally helpful in providing a clean slate and better opportunities in the future.

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A closer look at nondisclosure eligibility...

Nondisclosure with Petition

You can petition  for an Order of Nondisclosure if you meet the following requirements:


The court issued an order of deferred adjudication (a period of probation served in lieu of a finding of guilt) for the criminal offenses.

You have completed deferred adjudication and been issued an order of dismissal and discharge, which officially confirms completion.


The offense must be eligible for non-disclosure. Some categories of offenses are not permitted to obtain non-disclosure, including family violence, and those that require registration as a sex offender.

Certain offenses on your criminal record can disqualify you from receiving nondisclosure. These include murder, sex offenses, and family violence. You may only petition if you have never been convicted of a crime that falls under these categories of offenses.

You must have waited the required period of time after your order of dismissal and discharge to seek nondisclosure (misdemeanors carry up to two-year waiting period, and felonies carry a waiting period of five years).

You have not been convicted of a crime during the time of your deferred adjudication or the special waiting period required by your offense.

Automatic Nondisclosure 

Automatic nondisclosure (nondisclosure that does not require a petition) applies to offenses that meet the following conditions:

1. Charges are first-time misdemeanors (other than traffic fines) regardless of the level

2. The charges were filed after September 1, 2015

3. The offense resulted in deferred adjudication ending in discharge or dismissal

If You Weren't Eligible Before You May Be Eligible Now

New legislation over the last decade has changed the terms of expungement and nondisclosure, and they will continue to change over time. If you did not qualify in the past, it is possible you are now eligible. Expungement lawyer Jason Trumpler studies the most recent developments related to expunction and nondisclosure eligibility in order to help you take advantage of these opportunities. He is dedicated to helping as many clients as possible throughout Austin, Georgetown, and surrounding communities move on without the burden their criminal record would otherwise place on them.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Expungement Attorney?

The Law Offices of Jason Trumpler charge $2,000 per case on average for expunctions. Keep in mind that court filing fees are included in your cost, so you will not need to worry about additional payments down the road. Meanwhile, if Mr. Trumpler represented you in the underlying case, this may result in lower fees for a related expunction.

While court and attorney fees may seem hefty, it is well worth the investment to expunge your record. A criminal background can affect everything in your life, from your credit score to career advancements, and may be costing you more than you realize.  We work hard on our end to help alleviate the burden of the legal process and secure the best possible outcome for you. Expungement attorney Jason Trumpler offers free consultations to review your case and your options. 


Leave the Past Where It Belongs

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Expunction and orders of nondisclosure can allow you to move on with your life without being hampered by the past.

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Honest Legal Services with No Hidden Fees

Our firm understands the negative consequences a criminal record can have on your life, and we are prepared to do everything in our power to simplify the process of expungement. Our fees are straightforward and affordable, and one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your future. We work hard to help you make the most of a fresh start. If you think you may qualify for an order of expungement or nondisclosure, arrange to speak to attorney Jason Trumpler today.  We will review your case for free at one of our conveniently located offices in Austin and Round Rock, TX. Contact us online to schedule your consultation or call us at

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Limitations in the Digital Age

While a successful expunction or nondisclosure erases public access to your criminal record, there are limitations due to modern technology. Laws regarding freedom of speech protect the information shared by private persons and companies online. While you cannot currently erase all mentions of any arrests or convictions that exist on the Internet in an official capacity, the courts are working to strike a balance between the freedom of public information and the right to privacy.

If you want to have information related to past charges and arrests removed from a website, you can certainly reach out to the author to explain that you have achieved expunction, though they are not legally obligated at this time to remove the information. While you may not be able to completely conceal past legal troubles, you stand a much better chance at restoring your reputation with an order of expunction or nondisclosure. Jason Trumpler is here to help you take that all-important first step toward a fresh start.

Expunction and Nondisclosure FAQ

If my case is dismissed, will the charges stay on my record?

Most people are not aware that criminal charges stay on their record even if their case is dismissed. If you want to clear your record, you must actively petition for expungement or those charges will remain. 

My teenager was arrested and I want it cleared from his record as soon as possible. What can I do?

Unfortunately, a minor with an arrest or conviction on his or her record must wait until he or she is at least 18 years old before filing for expunction. As soon as your child is a legal adult, attorney Jason Trumpler can assist in making certain that legal troubles in the past have no bearing on his or her future.

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I worked with The Law Offices of Jason Trumpler for my criminal case. Will you also handle my expunction?

While not every client will qualify depending on the circumstances of their case, we will be happy to assist you in petitioning for expunction or an order of nondisclosure if you qualify. Often, we discount the price of this service for returning clients since we are already familiar with their case.  

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Jason Trumpler, serving Austin, Georgetown, and surrounding communities, can help keep someone else's wrongdoing from compromising your future.

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Jason Trumpler has handled thousands of criminal cases over nearly 20 years. He is a current or past member of several national, state, and local legal associations, including:

  • American Bar Association
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  • National College for DUI Defense®
  • Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers' Association
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