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Client Letters

These are letters from actual clients written to Jason Trumpler or firms for which he has previously worked. The letters have only been edited with respect to the length of the letter and the names of individuals. 

If you would like to mail in a letter regarding the service you received at the Law Offices of Jason Trumpler, you can mail it to 512 E. 11th Street Suite 110, Austin, TX 78701 or e-mail it  You can also review Mr. Trumpler at AVVO

Mr. Trumpler,

I am [client's wife's] Mother.....You know how much our family appreciates your superior representation. We are aware of how this fine country's legal system works. [Client's wife] is a good judge of character, well educated, and she has good sense. I know you were [client's] attorney. However all of their lives were in your care. I cannot express enough gratitude for the work you did for my family.  God Bless you and your FAMILY! YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE SURROUNDED YOURSELF WITH A GREAT TEAM!

Hi Jason,

I'm [the client’s] sister I just wanted to thank you for your hard work! We have an amazing family and we all couldn't have imagined it with my brother behind bars! I wish I could have been there for him through this rough week but he keep me posted every night! He had a lot of faith in you which made me feel really confident! Again I want to thank you and your team for doing an amazing job!

Hello Jason!!

I just wanted to personally THANK you for doing an awesome job representing my son!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!


I need to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for my family and myself. You have touched our hearts in such a fond way that is beyond a lawyer and client relationship. We will never be able to thank you enough for carrying us through the last 2 and a half years and putting in countless amounts of hours on this case. We feel as though you went above and beyond for us and are forever grateful for your support. You truly are damn good at what you do and we pray for continual success for both your law firm and family. Although we pray to never need your services again, we will recommend you and you firm in the highest regards to anyone who may. Please travel safe today as you make your way home. I wish there was something more profound than "thank you" to say, but thank you!!!


Today I was able to get my license back with all my endorsements. I want to thank you once again for all the work you did for me in this matter. Because of it I am able to keep my career as a firefighter and retire on my time and not because I don't meet the departments standards. I am still sober and working the program of AA. Thank you very much.


Dear Jason,

S and I and the whole family wants to thank you and Sylvia immensely for all the work you have done for us and the dismissal which is precisely how we wanted this to go. We are immensely pleased with Sylvia's taking care of the case in the last minute.  Now that this cloud has cleared, we look forward to some normalcy.

After you come back from LA, Sri and I would like to meet with you briefly to give our thanks in person.



I finally have a moment to sit down and put into words my heartfelt appreciation for your assistance in my recent acquittal. Your composure and low key manner offered me a degree of comfort that I most desperately needed. As you know, I was facing my second DUI and a conviction would have been devastating for my personal as well as business life. I attribute your knowledge of the law, your ability to compellingly and in an understandable way convey the facts to the jury as the primary reason for my acquittal. It certainly helped that I had a .07 blood alcohol reading but as you well know; without a capable lawyer a defendant does not stand a chance in our system of justice. There is no such thing as "innocent until proven guilty" anymore especially in DUI cases. 

I would also like to add that I appreciate the fact that at no time did you give me any false sense of hope. You were straightforward and honest in your assessment of the case though I have a sneaking suspicion you knew all along we would win. Your personal sense of reserve is to be congratulated. 

Trust me when I say, "I have truly learned my lesson this time." I could have paid for a lot of cab rides for what I paid you but you were worth every dime. It's too bad you are barred from taking me up on my proposition - double or nothing - you could have doubled your fee and it still would have been worth it. I was on an emotional high for over a week. I feel like my life is starting over again. I have my yearly motorcycle trip now planned and I am leaving on July 24, 2006 for Montana and the Dakotas. I'll try to remember to send you a postcard from Sturgis, S. Dakota. I wouldn't have been able to go if it weren't for your legal acumen. 

In closing, let me say again, THANK YOU Jason! One thing kind of bothers me though and that is: how much better would you have been had you not been afflicted with that nasty cold. I think you being sick gave the prosecution a slight advantage they didn't deserve. Et tu Brutus - you pulled it off anyway. 

You're a stud my man! And I owe you! 

Thanks again, 

W. H. 

Dear Mr. B, 

Thank you so much. Everyone at your firm was very kind, professional and talented from K to G to L. I knew what was happening and felt in good hands. 

And then there was Jason. On his third week he negotiated a deal which was better than I could have hoped for. He was professional, efficient, and informative. He respected my time and we met at inconvenient times for him not me. He has excellent follow through. He called me with updates. He even listened when I cried. He was, at several times, a big brother. 

I will always be grateful. Thank you for ending this nightmare. And please thank Jason for me. He boosted my confidence and listened when no one else in my life was. I have never been in trouble before and was very surprised at the reactions. Jason helped me with that. He is such a straight shooter and problem solver. 

I know he is an attorney doing his job but I really felt he cared. He's a great attorney but he's an even better man. 

Sincerely, K.L.

Dear Mr. B, 

I know it's been a few weeks since my pretrial, but I haven't forgotten how you and your lawyers helped me on my case. First of all, I want to thank you for talking to me personally about my case. I know you have a busy schedule, going back and forth between L.A. and Orange Counties, so I am grateful that you could arrange to meet with me. 

Also, I want to thank L.K., who initiated the work done on my case. I appreciate her phone calls to me, in which she talked me through some anxieties I had about the DUI process. She was patient with my confusion and unfamiliarity about the laws. 

Moreover, I especially want to commend Jason Trumpler for a job well done at my pretrial. His honest and humble attitude not only makes him a trusted lawyer, but also an effective negotiator. T.G. DUI is fortunate to have Jason, who is such a talented lawyer, working there. Let's hope there won't be a next time, but if there is - I know who to call. 

All-in-all, the DUI situation has been a tangled-up mess for me. Thanks for helping me straighten it out. 

Yours truly, 


Dear Jason: 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the superb representation and moral support I received during my case. Words alone do not express my gratitude to the expert handling of my DUI case by you. 

As you already know I was represented by your colleague D.D. for a prior DUI back in April of 1998. At that time I had, "the Long Beach Police Department," said that I refused any test. That was not true, I had told the officers at the arrest scene that I would not do a sobriety test; I was then arrested and taken to Long Beach Police Station for booking for a DUI. Please note that I never stated that I would not take one of their 3 tests. Mr. D was able to get the charges reduced to a "dry reckless," Also; he was able to get my license back. That was 8 years ago. I served 3 year probation and Mr. D was able to get my case expunged.

On October 15, 2006, I was arrested in my driveway, "about 9 feet outside my car" with a police office pointing a gun at me in broad daylight telling me to get back into my car. I of course complied with his orders, lest I be another Rodney King and be shot. The rest you already know, and today I appeared in court for a motion that you had filed, "not to mention 2 others that you had filed," and the DA decided that you would tear apart there case and dismissed mine. 

I cannot express in words, that which you and your staff had done for me to get this dismissal. It was to me, an answer to prayer that helped you do this. For this, I thank you.


Dear Mr. B: 

We have never met, but I have been a client of your Newport Beach Office twice. Both times Jason E. Trumpler was my counsel. The first time my case was completely dismissed due Jason's style, finesse, and expertise. 

The second time, I was not so fortunate; I was convicted. However, the terms and conditions of my conviction were far better than I expected and far better than the DA planned on agreeing to. Jason was able to speak with the judge and reason on my behalf in a convincing manner. 

The situation has caused much strain on my family. I plan on never needing your services again, I have learned my lesson. However, if someone I know is in a similar situation, I will send them straight to Jason, even if I have to drive them myself. 

Thank you and your staff for the hard work done on my behalf. 



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