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Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a crime, the best way to protect your rights is to work with a criminal defense lawyer.

An attorney can minimize the effect that the criminal charge has on your future, including your ability to get a job or rent a home.

Austin, TX, criminal defense attorney Jason Trumpler can protect your future. Free legal consultations are available.

Why Clients Choose
Our Criminal Defense Lawyer

Over 20 Years in Criminal Law

Our criminal defense lawyer has practiced criminal law for more than 20 years. He has handled more than 100 jury trials in California and Texas. 

Open Line of Communication

We offer compassionate and attentive legal guidance to clients who have been charged. By keeping an open line of communication and keeping you informed of your options, we hope to limit any stress associated with your case.

24/7 Availability

At The Law Offices of Jason Trumpler, our associates are available to answer the phone at all times of the day to assist clients in posting bail and getting released from jail. Whether you have been charged with DWI, a drug offense, a prostitution-related crime, or another offense, the team at our criminal defense law firm is here to help you get through this difficult time.

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney for Help with Your Case

Jason Trumpler is a former prosecutor who has handled hundreds of cases in the pre-trial and trial stage while working at the Orange County District Attorney's Office and Ventura County District Attorney's office. He went on to work at a DWI defense law firm in Southern California before moving to Texas and opening his private practice, The Law Offices of Jason Trumpler, in Austin. His years spent handling criminal defense cases as a prosecutor and defense attorney have benefited many clients in Round Rock, Georgetown, and other areas of Central Texas.

Send our Austin criminal defense law office a message or call us to schedule a free consultation with our attorney.

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Jason Trumpler
Criminal defense attorney Jason Trumpler has helped clients all over Travis County facing felony and misdemeanor charges.

"He got the job done quicker than expected with a reasonable price." A Defense Lawyer Who Stands with the People of Austin


kevin d


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Jason did not make any false promises or sugar coat anything; something that I found to be rare when looking for an attorney. He got the job done quicker than expected with a reasonable price.

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Carlos Machado


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Jason & his assistant Alex are amazing. Jason will tell you how it is and won’t give you false hopes on what he can do for you. Jason went above and beyond for me on my DWI charge and unlawful carrying of a weapon.

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What to Do If You Have Been Arrested

If you have been arrested, you, a family member, or friend can contact The Law Offices of Jason Trumpler at any time of the day or night, including weekends. Our criminal law firm has associates available to guide you through the process of posting bail and getting released from jail.

Then, you can meet with our criminal defense lawyer to discuss your case in detail. We will discuss how we can help resolve the case in the most favorable manner possible. If you decide to retain our attorney services, we will proceed with collecting all of the evidence in the case and reviewing all circumstances to determine how to move forward. We welcome clients from Georgetown and throughout the greater Austin area.

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Get Immediate Legal Help

Following an arrest in Travis County, it's crucial that you contact The Law Offices of Jason Trumpler as soon as possible for a free consultation. We have offices in Austin and Round Rock, TX, and we are ready to help address both felony and misdemeanors. You can contact our practice online or call for immediate assistance.

"The best in town." Law Offices in Austin and Round Rock, TX


Jonathon Ngo


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Jason took care of my case expeditiously! I am from another city and needed something to be resolved in Austin during this COVID period. However, he was able to take care of the process and answer my questions promptly over Zoom, or phone call. To say Jason is amazing would be an understatement, and I would recommend hiring him to be your attorney because you would be doing yourself a disservice if you don't.

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Tess Andrews


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A family member of mine had a first time DWI case and Jason came in, did what he had to do and it resulted in what I think is probably the best case scenario for her situation. He definitely knows what he’s doing and proves himself as the best in town. Jason, without you I’m not really sure where we would have ended up. My family is grateful for your work. Sorry if we were a pain in the butt ;)

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Plea Bargain vs. Going to Court

Plea Bargain

A plea bargain is an agreement that we may reach with the prosecution if it serves your best interests. If the criminal defendant pleads guilty or no contest to a charge, a prosecutor may agree to drop charges, reduce charges to a less serious crime, or recommend a lighter sentence.

An example of a plea bargain in a DWI case can include the prosecution agreeing to reduce the DWI charge to a reckless driving charge, which is associated with less severe penalties. Alternatively, it may be possible to reduce your DWI to an obstruction of highway or passageway charge, which can be expunged from your record. In another scenario, we may be able to minimize penalties such as jail time in exchange for attending alcohol education classes.

Going to Trial

A plea bargain can be beneficial in some cases, particularly when the prosecution has strong evidence that was obtained through proper procedures. However, there are many cases in which we recommend going to trial to achieve the best possible outcome.

In that case, we will submit our own evidence to build a strong defense in your favor and file the appropriate pre-trial motions to suppress evidence if we determine that it was illegally obtained. In some cases, we can get your case dismissed due to lack of evidence. If not, we will take your case to court, present evidence on your behalf, establish reasonable doubt, and seek to obtain a more favorable outcome in your case.

Other Types of Consequences in Criminal Cases

There are a number of other penalties that may be imposed in criminal cases, including:

  • License suspension or revocation
  • Community supervision (probation)
  • Community service
  • Education classes
  • Counseling sessions

Our attorney will explore the possible outcomes for your criminal defense case. Mr. Trumpler will consider your goals as he negotiates with prosecutors to come to a fair plea agreement that meets your objectives, if that option serves your best interests. If we feel that we will have a better chance of resolving the case to your satisfaction in court, our criminal defense lawyer will proceed with litigation.

Close up of Probate Court document and gavel

Avoid Harsh Penalties for Alleged Criminal Activity Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney Today

If you have been charged with a crime of any kind, consider contacting The Law Offices of Jason Trumpler in Austin to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you with your case. As a lawyer with more than 20 years in criminal law, Mr. Trumpler can minimize or help you avoid the damaging effects that the case can have on your life.

Send our criminal defense law office a message or call us to schedule a case review. We serve clients throughout Travis County and other areas of Central Texas, including Austin, Round Rock, and Georgetown.

(512) 457-5200

"Jason Trumpler is exceptional." An Austin Criminal Defense Attorney Committed to Clients


Tina Fore

November, 2019

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Jason Trumpler is exceptional. It doesn't matter if you have a parking ticket or a more serious offense. He treats all cases (and clients) the same. I have referred many friends to Mr. Trumpler and will continue to do so. If you need an attorney, Jason Trumpler is the one to turn to!

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Sarah Garner

August, 2019

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Good communication; Jason has a lot of experience, Has worked as a prosecutor. He is very knowledgeable, straightforward, and well known. His assistant Mia has amazing time management, with the ability to answer all/ most questions; if she does not have an answer, she will find out and call you as soon as she finds out.

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Is There Anything I Can Do
to Clean My Record?

We hear from many clients in the greater Austin area who want to know if they can expunge or seal their criminal records. The answer depends on the type of case and how the case was resolved. Attorney Jason Trumpler can explain your options for sealing records and ensuring that your past criminal convictions do not come back to haunt you.

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Expunging Criminal Cases

Expungement is the process of erasing, or cleaning, your criminal record. If your record has been expunged, you are not legally required to report the charges when applying for a job or in court. Unfortunately, there are only a few types of cases that can be expunged from your record.

DWI cases may be removed from your record if you were acquitted, arrested without charge, or pardoned following conviction.

Expunging your record is ideal, but if you are not eligible for expungement, it may be possible to file for non-disclosure.

Person signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement


Non-disclosure allows charges and records in your criminal case to be sealed. This can greatly limit who can see your record.

If you were charged with a first-time DWI in which your blood alcohol level was below .15, you may file a petition for non-disclosure. There are other cases in which you may petition for non-disclosure, but the laws are constantly changing and quite complex.

Our lawyer can determine if you are eligible to file for non-disclosure and guide you through the process.

What Does It Cost to Hire a Defense Lawyer?

In criminal defense cases, it can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $50,000 for our attorney services. Obviously, this is a wide price range, but the specific cost depends on the type of crime, the complexity of the case, and whether we reach a plea agreement early or proceed with litigation and go to court.

For example, a first-time DWI offense with no aggravating factors will be at the lower end of the cost spectrum, while a more complex case involving injury or death of another person may be at the higher end of the cost spectrum.

The cost of hiring a lawyer with the skill needed to successfully resolve your criminal case can be a concern for many defendants. Still, we understand that many defendants want to have some idea of what it will cost to retain a lawyer. That is why we are upfront about our costs.

The long-term benefits of avoiding or reducing a conviction and any resulting criminal penalties are many. A criminal lawyer can be an invaluable resource and asset to you.

Speak with a Defense Attorney Today

Do not let the cost of quality legal representation intimidate you. Our Austin legal practice offers free consultations in which we can explain our services and expected costs. Attorney Jason Trumpler and his team are here to help you and your loved ones during this difficult time. Send our law firm a message or call to request a no-cost legal consultation.

Travis County Can Count on Our Law Firm

"If you want someone that will truly fight for you until the end Jason is the guy for you. I will never be able to thank him enough. He's a tell it like it is person and that is something that I really loved about him. Even though I am not in the Texas area anymore if anyone I know needs a great attorney I will recommend Jason." Senita Nared, 5-Star Reviews

How Your Case Will Proceed The Criminal Justice Process Explained

Defense lawyer Jason Trumpler can help you and your loved ones as you navigate the criminal justice system.
Defense lawyer Jason Trumpler can help you and your loved ones as you navigate the criminal justice system.


Your arrest may occur while driving, at home, at work, or in public. At this time, you should exercise your constitutional right to remain silent and request an attorney.


The booking process includes recording your personal information and being fingerprinted and photographed. Continue to avoid saying anything that can be used as evidence against you and ask to have an attorney present.


In order to be released from jail, you will need to post bail. Bail is intended to prevent you from failing to show up for future court appearances.


During the arraignment, the charges against you are read and you must enter a plea.

Plea Bargain

Throughout the course of your case, we can explore the possibility of coming to a favorable plea bargain agreement to minimize the charges and penalties.

Preliminary Hearing

A preliminary hearing may be held in felony cases to determine if there is enough evidence to go to trial.

Pre-trial Motions

We will submit all appropriate pre-trial motions to suppress evidence, submit evidence, block witnesses, or allow witnesses to testify in the trial.


The trial is held before a jury and judge. We will present the strongest defense possible in your case to obtain a favorable outcome.


If a guilty verdict is returned, the judge will outline the penalties that will be imposed on the defendant.

Criminal Defense FAQ

Why should I hire a private attorney instead of a court-appointed public defender?

While court-appointed public defenders are free, these lawyers are government employees who are often overworked and underpaid. This is particularly the case in metropolitan areas like Austin, TX. A private defense attorney can choose the cases they work on and dedicate more of their time, energy, and resources to developing a legal defense strategy.

How will a criminal record affect my personal and professional life?

Potential employers, landlords, and educational institutions can perform background checks to screen your criminal record. This could make pursuing a career, housing, and higher education more challenging. If you were convicted of a sex crime, you will have to register as a sex offender. This is why it's crucial to hire a defense attorney to fight your criminal charges or have your criminal convictions expunged.

What is the difference between probation and parole?

Probation is an alternative to going to prison to serve out your sentence. Parole is a way for people currently incarcerated to complete the remainder of their sentence outside of jail.

Does Texas have a "three strikes" law?

Yes, Texas has its own variation of the three strikes law in which a third felony offense results in more serious legal penalties.

To put it in very simple terms, if you have been convicted of two felonies of any degree in the past, and are now convicted of a third felony of any degree, you could face a jail sentence of 25 years to life. If you have felonies on your record, it is especially important that you reach out to an attorney who can make certain you don't suffer a devastating penalty you don't deserve.

Trial Lawyer with Offices in Austin and Round Rock, TX


Gustavus Chisholm


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To whom it may concern I highly recommend Jason Trumpler if you need a great attorney and find yourself in a situation beyond your control. He kept me informed and worked very hard on my case and got it dismissed, if you're a veteran and/or civilian he will work hard to represent your case I'm very thankful for everything he did.

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Geneva Lizzy


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Jason works harder for his clients than any attorney I have ever known. His success rate is so high, he might as well put it on a plaque, but he is far too modest for such shenanigans. Jason is an extremely tenacious, savvy, and respected attorney. And as my former boss, I can also say that this veteran and father is a great friend.

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Jason Trumpler

The Law Offices of Jason Trumpler

Jason Trumpler has handled thousands of criminal cases over nearly 20 years. He is a current or past member of several national, state, and local legal associations, including:

  • American Bar Association
  • Austin Bar Association
  • Williamson County Bar Association
  • National College for DUI Defense®
  • Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers' Association
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • DUI Defense Lawyers Association

Contact our firm online or call us at (512) 457-5200 for a free case review.

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