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Protecting You from Prohibited Weapons Charges

The distinctions between legal weapons and illegal weapons are not well-known by most people. As a result, individuals dealing with something as simple as a traffic stop can suddenly find themselves sitting in jail on a felony weapons charge.

If you have been charged with a weapons violation, the Law Offices of Jason Trumpler can provide a free consultation and an honest evaluation of your case. Attorney Jason Trumpler is a skilled prohibited weapons lawyer in Austin who uses his intricate knowledge of state laws to protect Texans from serious charges.

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Kinds of Illegal Firearm Charges

At the Law Offices of Jason Trumpler, we handle weapons offenses in state and federal courtrooms throughout Texas.

Our team provides clients with diligent and dedicated legal representation concerning charges such as:

  • Possession of an illegal firearm: This could be an automatic weapon, a short-barrel gun, or any number of other kinds of firearms that are illegal in Texas.
  • Conceal and carry license violations: In Texas, eligible individuals may apply for and obtain a license to carry concealed weapons. If you violate the terms of this license, you face serious penalties.
  • Unlawful carrying weapons: Carrying a weapon on public or private property that is not your own is illegal unless you possess a concealed carry license.
  • Unlawful brandishing or discharging a weapon: This charge applies to anyone who uses a weapon in a dangerous, reckless, or threatening way.
  • Trafficking in illegal firearms: You may be charged with illegal firearm trafficking if you knowingly transport or transfer firearms or if you obtain a firearm illegally
  • Possession of stolen or unregistered weapons: Though anyone in Texas over the age of 18 may possess a firearm (provided that they do not have a felony conviction), it is illegal for Texans to obtain a firearm through theft or trafficking.
  • Felon in possession of a firearm: Convicted felons are not allowed to possess firearms for five years after their conviction and release from prison. Even after five years, they may only possess a firearm in their own residence.
  • Possession of explosive devices: In Texas, it is illegal to make, own, or sell explosive devices without a license.

Illegal Search & Seizures

How the weapons were obtained by police is often at the heart of these cases. The United States and Texas Constitutions both protect people from unreasonable searches and seizures. This fundamental liberty is enforced through the "Exclusionary Rule,” which states that items (including weapons) found by way of an illegal search or seizure may not be used at trial against the person who suffered the illegal search or seizure.

If the search and seizure cannot be challenged, our Austin illegal firearm defense attorneys can thoroughly review the evidence, registration, and ownership records, and carefully examine the possibility of defending the case on questions of actual possession. Whatever the specific facts of your case are, you can count on the fact that we will thoughtfully approach your case and work as hard as we can to ensure you get a fair and just result.

A Lawyer You Can Trust

Attorney Jason Trumpler's knowledge and understanding of weapons charges come from years of courtroom experience as both a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney. His courtroom skills are uniquely matched by his ability to creatively apply the law to the facts of your case. Whether it involves a knife that was too long or the sale of an automatic weapon, we are prepared to assist you.

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